5 Tips for Choosing the Place Cards for Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 16th February 2017

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5 Tips for Choosing the Place Cards for Wedding in Dubai Image
Choosing the place cards can be a fun task for both future husband and wife, where imagination will play an important part. There are numerous designs via the internet and many firms that can create the place cards according to your ideas and visions. Our wedding event planner in Dubai is ready to provide you with help and guidance when organizing the wedding in Dubai and can also offer you a list of contractors and designers for place cards for different events, including wedding ceremonies. Here are some important tips to consider when searching for beautiful place cards for your special wedding in Dubai.


1. Create a seating chart displayed at the entrance of the venue 

Modern weddings in Dubai have special etiquettes, which include details about how to place the cards on the tables. First of all, you should consider having a seating chart or a white lace-decorated board at the entrance of the venue in Dubai, with the names of the invitees and the designated tables. This would be an easy way for all your guests to find their places, if the bridesmaids are busy welcoming them.

2. Add sparkle for place cards designated for a large wedding in Dubai

The wedding planners in Dubai recommend special place cards for your big and outstanding event in the city. For instance, the place cards for a large wedding in Dubai should have the same wedding theme and style as the event. You can add your personal touch and choose a special font for the names, like Lucida Handwriting or Monotype Corsiva. A silver ribbon with a small diamond in the middle or a delicate pearly lace in the left corner of the place card should offer elegance and uniqueness, necessary features to impress the guests.

3. Choose pictures as place cards for a traditional wedding in Dubai

A traditional wedding in Dubai can offer you some free ways to play with your imagination. Instead of classic place cards, you should try to print some photos with the invitees and place them at the tables. This could be a pleasant surprise, and you should consider having a seating board at the entrance of the venue in Dubai, in order to ease the process of searching for the table and the seats. As an extra tip, try using the vintage technique, or different interesting filters like the ones used on Instagram.

4. Extra attention for family place cards at your wedding in Dubai

For the brides’ and the grooms’ special table, extra attention should be reserved. Trends nowadays say that hand-made small porcelain plates, with the written names inside, are must-have for your wedding in Dubai. You can also play with the words, and instead of the names, you can use “Mother-in-law”, “Father-in-law”, “Brother of the bride” and so on.

5. Use cookies instead of place cards for your wedding in Dubai

If you wish to impress your invitees, you can play some more and use cookies instead of place cards for your wedding in Dubai. There are different firms which design place cards according to your specifications and unique imagination. Fortune cookies with a little name flag on top or brownies with white-colored names on top are excellent options when choosing the place cards. And don’t worry, nothing will melt!

While searching for the perfect wedding dress, shoes, jewelry or any other important items related to you exclusive event, you may rely on your wedding planning services in Dubai.

Please feel free to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai for additional guidelines and details about how to choose the place cards for your wedding.