7 Tips for Planning a Great Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 25th October 2017

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7 Tips for Planning a Great Wedding in Dubai Image
Every woman dreams of a perfect wedding made of excellent moments which, as it is known, requires lots of care and attention. We have gathered a few important tips as guidelines for every future bride who is ready for the event of her life. Our wedding event planners in Dubai are at your disposal for complete help when choosing the suppliers, the wedding venue, scheduling the hotel rooms for your invitees and much more. Here are a few tips to consider for your wedding:

1.    Theme selection

First of all, our client will need to select the wedding theme. More and more couples choose unconventional locations so the wedding can take place with a specific theme. For example, something that has become popular these days is the so-called barnyard wedding. Because it is something very sought-after, the "barn" is equipped as everyone would like, with tables, chairs, and linens. Therefore, the items have to be rented and also delivered to the location where the wedding will take place.

You can also focus on vintage wedding themes inspired from well-known and appreciated movies like The Great Gatsby or Casablanca. Even it is trendy to create a wedding based on a movie theme, make sure to have some online research and write down what your style would be like and the items which will come in addition.

2.    Select the preferred time of the year

The most common wedding months are generally during summer and early fall so basically from June until October. But at that time of year there is a very hot weather in Dubai, so keep this in mind when you take the decision. The wedding venues should be booked months in advance, especially if you choose a busy period. If you don’t want unpleasant moments regarding the heat at your wedding, especially if you plan an outdoor wedding, you can book the event in March, April or winter months.

3.    Being creative with the menu

Although it is a special occasion, it doesn’t mean that you can only serve lobster tail. Our wedding event planner in Dubai will assure the proper catering services with their own menu, as part of the rental package. Just make sure that the facility won’t require “in-house catering” because, in this case, other outside foods and drinks will not be allowed. We suggest you impress your guests with your good taste by choosing different menus from the international cuisine. You can always bet on the French and Italian gastronomy, especially for a large wedding in Dubai.

Before reading other interesting tips for your wedding in Dubai, we also invite you to watch the video below which contains complete information in this matter:


4.    Limit capacity

As you very well know, every facility has an occupancy limit. You need to know, from the start, the exact number of guests, especially if you are expecting a hefty turnout for your wedding in Dubai. Keep in mind that the occupancy should not be close to the limit of the location picked. Leave a bit of breathing room. On the other hand, if the bride and groom will only expect a small number of people to be present, then there is no need for a big facility. Just make sure you know the exact number of guests, so that your wedding planning in Dubai will go as scheduled.  Additionally, the brides-to-be should consider the guests from overseas who need to be accommodated in Dubai. Our team can offer a list of hotels from which you can choose what you consider it will suit your invitees.

5.    Room layout

You need to keep in mind that the room, where the wedding takes place, will have to be changed from a ceremony location to a reception set up, so the guests will have to be somewhere else during that time. Having more than one location is a choice you can have, but in case you don’t want that, make sure there is a place where the guests can have a good time while the reception room is set up. You can also talk to the venue manager from the beginning and request that the reception room is prepared in time without having to ask for other facilities. This will weight much in front of invitees who need to be welcomed in the best way possible.

6.    Visiting the venue in advance

After you have contacted us, together we will visit the venue. The most important thing is to check it on the same day on which the wedding will take place. Thus, it will give you a better insight of everything, like ambiance during the time of day or night and traffic as well. Your wedding ballroom must express your ideas and if it is anything you would like to change or you have second thoughts regarding the table setup or wedding theme, now it is time to make such changes.

7.    Last but not least important, location   

Some of you may have your eyes set on a certain venue, but you have to consider the accessibility of the guests. They should not have to take a hike until they arrive at the wedding destination and, very important, you must check the exact flights needed to take, in order to arrive (in time) in Dubai. But don’t worry, our planners will take care of every detail. More so, our wedding event planner suggests that the venue should be close enough to the hotel – if possible of course – so that it may be as convenient as possible for your guests. We remind that the location is perhaps the first thing to consider when planning a wedding in Dubai, besides the date of the event. A perfect location might seem hard to find, but with complete support, we can manage your requests for you to have a beautiful and enchanting wedding in Dubai.

If you have any questions or if you want help setting up the perfect wedding in Dubai, do not hesitate to contact us.