7 Venue Recommendations for Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 12th April 2017

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7 Venue Recommendations for Wedding in Dubai Image
Women dream of the perfect wedding since childhood. But what if these dreams turn into reality with less effort but with complete attention to details, imagination, a good budget and lots of thrills? Our wedding event planner in Dubai is more than pleased to present you seven most wanted wedding venues in Dubai, where luxury and excellent memories combine for a perfect occasion.


1. Plan your wedding at Atlantis the Palm in Dubai

If you want a wedding like no other, it is time to save up some money and to book your event at Atlantis the Palm. This resort is extravagant, an ultimate venue in Dubai, where numerous VIPs said their vows in tremendous decors. The wedding packages can be tailored according to your budget and you can choose from a variety of ballrooms, each with unique decorations where you can also imprint your imagination, starting with a gorgeous wedding theme. Our wedding planners in Dubai can help you choose the photographer, the music band and can give recommendations of the caterers. Make sure to book some meetings with the manager of the location and begin your wedding planning in Dubai.

2. Plan your wedding at One and Only Royal Mirage in Dubai

Opulence, good taste, spectacular amenities, deluxe facilities are the features which describe best the One and Only Royal Mirage, a perfect resort for a small wedding in Dubai. Numerous couples choose to get married here and to create memories for a lifetime. The exotic Arabian features can complete the picture perfect, especially if you wish to have your wedding ceremony in the wonderful gardens of the resort.

3. Plan your wedding at Ritz Carlton in Dubai

If you know Ritz Carlton hotels only from movies, we can confirm that the reality is quite the same. Situated at the Jumeirah beach in Dubai, Ritz Carlton is a five-star hotel where your wedding can also be a five-star event. With the beautiful beach in front of you, where the turquoise waters create the perfect painting, exclusive amenities, Arabian decors incredibly matched with the modern ones, Ritz Carlton can be an outstanding option for couples who want to be treated with complete luxury and highest services. Our wedding event planners in Dubai can help you book your event at Ritz Carlton in Dubai, while you search for the most beautiful wedding dress that matches the exclusive event.

4. Plan your wedding at Burj al Arab in Dubai

Have you ever dreamed of having a wedding in the most beautiful place in the world? Then it is time to plan your ceremony at Burj al Arab, one of the most luxurious resorts in Dubai. The wedding is a special moment for two, but if you have decided to share the happiness with your friends and family in an exclusivist place, Burj al Arab in Dubai can be your perfect option. You can choose the al-Falak Ballroom, where the biggest Swarovski chandelier beautifully stands as a witness to your love, creating the magic of the moment.

5. Plan your wedding at Anantara the Palm in Dubai

A large wedding in Dubai can be created in a special and gorgeous venue like Anantara the Palm. You have the chance to plan your wedding down the beach and enjoy the blue sky and the beautiful Arabian Golf. Brides can have some quality time before the big event at the exclusive spa found at Anantara the Palm in Dubai, a deluxe venue with utmost facilities.

6. Plan your wedding at Four Seasons in Dubai

Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai can be your perfect option for a beach wedding. Some say it is the perfect place for a romantic and private wedding, where all your requests can be instantly achieved. For magic moments, extravagant amenities and excellent decorations, you can choose the Four Seasons Hotel in Dubai. We remind that any aspect regarding your wedding in Dubai can be supervised by our wedding planner in Dubai.

7. Plan your wedding at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai

Would you like an Arabian wedding or the traditional one? This unique venue can turn your dreams into reality, where beautiful weddings take place each year. The luxurious resort can offer beautiful wedding themes custom-made to your requests. As a recommendation, you can choose the Fort Island found in the heart of the resort for your outdoor wedding in Dubai, where the beautiful lagoon offers amazing views and unique moments with the loved ones.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai for recommendations in wedding venue matters or for wedding planning services in Dubai.