7 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 24th January 2017

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7 Wedding Etiquette Tips for Brides in Dubai Image
A wedding means celebration, joy, happiness, emotions and also attention to details for the bride, in order to please the invitees as much as possible and to have lots of fun on a beautiful day like this. Our wedding event planner in Dubai invites you to consider a few wedding etiquette tips for the brides which might help when preparing for the big day. Special recommendations and guidelines will be provided on request for all brides who want to organize a perfect wedding day in Dubai.

1. A large wedding in Dubai means a busy bride

If you wish to ignore the bad talking right after your wedding, then you should create a plan related to your guests, related to a large wedding in Dubai. Having 200 or 300 invitees means having lots of fun with the ones you love, therefore, as a bride, you should welcome each of them at the reception and then you should keep a pleasant communication as much as possible with everyone, next to your husband, but not to forget to have fun and enjoy the unique moments.

2. Don’t get overwhelmed, hire a wedding planner in Dubai

The dress, the caterers, the make-up, the wedding guests list, the wedding theme, the venue are top priorities when organizing a wedding in Dubai, therefore, lots of work to do. We can make it easy because our wedding planners in Dubai are ready to offer you details, guidelines, and information about the matters mentioned above. You can also receive a list of contractors from which to choose what suits you best, considering your imagination, your special visions and ideas. A wedding planner will ease the entire process and the bride will enjoy every moment, from the beginning until the end of the special event.

3. A bride will be the center of attention. Make sure to be awesome!

When preparing the event of a lifetime, the bride needs to take care of herself from head to toes. As a recommendation from our Dubai wedding planners, you need to make some make-up trials, some spa sessions and manicure and pedicure appointments. Besides that, a great hair is mandatory and a future bride can analyze the trends before making any decision. A natural make-up, a light red lipstick, a wavy hair or a romantic bun with a gorgeous tiara will perfectly match a white wedding dress made of delicate lace and soft silk.

4. The wedding guests list – Take extra attention!

The wedding invitees list needs to be created with additional attention because there might be persons who do not agree on the presence of some friends or other family members. These are things a bride should know, and it is recommended to avoid the meeting between your father and the new friend of you mother if they are divorced. Make sure to check once again the table arrangements with the manager at the venue in Dubai and adjust if it’s necessary.

5.  The welcoming moment – What a bride needs to do

The wedding reception in Dubai is about to begin, the guests are showing up, it is time to make the proper welcoming. The bride and the groom are the ones who will introduce the guests to the party, therefore, you should know their names, with no exceptions! Double check the wedding guests list with your husband and make an outstanding welcoming to your party people.

6. Choose the perfect wedding dress, here is our important trip

This is a special moment for all brides and choosing the wedding dress is an important matter. Fashion nowadays is quite daring and there are many options on the market. Usually, a future bride chooses what fits her best, like a princess wedding dress or a romantic sleeveless dress made of soft and exquisite lace which can suitably combine with a natural makeup. It is recommended to avoid extra jewelry if the dress already has crystals or other insertions like that. In other words, less is more and elegance and good taste should be adopted while searching for the perfect wedding dress. And don’t forget to prepare an emergency kit with threads and needles.

7. Be happy and smile all the way!

The wedding day is considered the most important day in a woman’s life, where joy and happiness are mandatory. Our wedding planners in Dubai will take care of the wedding preparation, even if small problems might appear. A bride needs to avoid sadness and worries because, after all, everything can be solved and everything has a solution. For instance, if you have extra guests and no booking available, there’s no need to panic. With a few phone calls, the problem can be fixed and everyone can easily enjoy your beautiful wedding reception in Dubai.

Additional information about the wedding etiquette for brides can be found if you get in touch with our team of wedding event planners in Dubai.