Bachelor/ Bachelorette party in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 24th December 2017

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When planning one of the best moments in a life, the wedding, the bachelor, and the bachelorette party are on the to-do-list. An exclusivist destination for this kind of event is for sure Dubai, a marvelous city unlocked for parties, and good times. A special occasion like this is linked to brides and grooms in search of some fun before the big wedding and the unique event can be arranged by our wedding event planners in Dubai.

Planning the bachelorette party in Dubai

If you are planning a wedding Dubai, why not organize the party with special friends in the same location? Usually, this type of event is organized by the maid of honor who is in most cases the best friend of the bride, and the one that helps her with pretty much all the details related to the wedding. The bachelorette party makes no exception and can be created with the bride’s suggestions and ideas. It is recommended to set up a party like this in three or four days before the wedding, in order to have enough time to rest. A bachelorette party can be organized in a karaoke bar, a dance club, even a casino or at the beach. If you love the outdoors parties, then have no second thoughts and spoil yourself with the friends, good food, special drinks and great music down the beach in Dubai. As a suggestion, the chosen wedding venue can also offer the proper conditions to plan your bachelorette party.

Our wedding planner in Dubai is at your disposal when thinking of a bachelorette party and can ease the communication with the venue’s manager if you decide to have two parties instead of one, in the same location. A local winery can also be an excellent choice, but make sure everyone agrees on this type of place. Just make sure the dance floor will be designed.

We have prepared a video about how you can organize a bachelor or a bachelorette party in Dubai with the help of our wedding planners in Dubai


Bachelor party for gentlemen in Dubai

If the future bride wants to have some fun before the wedding, so does the groom. In most cases, the groom’s bachelor party is created by his friends, colleagues and of course, the best man. A bachelor party is usually considered the last night of freedom, that special moment when you can enjoy your friends before engaging in something serious that last a lifetime. This party can be arranged according to the groom’s ideas, and there are many options, just like in the case of a bachelorette event. Bars, pubs, clubs, beachfront locations or great terraces are top places preferred for parties. As long as the music keeps playing, you’ll just have to enjoy a great time with the friends who will also join you for the great wedding event in Dubai.

The only concern related to the bachelor party is the budget you need to plan for this event. In most cases, the friends are the ones who take care of this aspect, planning the fun until the last details.

Short guide for planning the bachelor/bachelorette party in Dubai

Our wedding event planners in Dubai are at your disposal with guidance and information about how your bachelor or bachelorette party should be arranged. You’ll just have to relax and enjoy fun moments with your friends before the wedding day. Here are the main guidelines related to a bachelor/bachelorette party in Dubai:

•    decide on who organizes the party;
•    set up a budget and start creating the event;
•    choose a location that satisfies your requirements;
•    make a list of friends who will join the party;
•    book some rooms if you are expecting guests from overseas;
•    if a party theme is involved, don’t forget to buy the outfit.

Would you like a bachelor or a bachelorette party that meets all your requests? Let our team of wedding planners in Dubai take care of your requests and contact us for support and guidance.