Band vs. DJ for a Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 18th April 2017

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Among numerous tasks, choosing the music is very important and will pretty much depend on a couple's tastes and desires. Whether you choose a live band or a DJ to spin the vinyl records, make sure to consider pleasing everyone at your wedding in Dubai and to set the party on fire. Our wedding event planner in Dubai can provide you with a list of wedding bands and DJs from which you can choose for your special occasion.

Choose a music band for your wedding in Dubai

If you have decided for a live band for your wedding in Dubai, it is time to book one with at least 6 months in advance. Usually, the research can start via the internet, where numerous music bands post videos with them from different wedding parties. But if you would like to listen to them live, get in touch with the chosen band and schedule an audition. This is a fun wedding task for couples, so why not relax a little bit before the wedding? If you hire a live band for your wedding, make sure to check the repertoire and also make your own playlist with the songs you would like to hear at the ceremony. Most live bands have an already-made playlist and do not accept any changes, but special requests can be considered.

A music band will require more space, so check if the wedding venue in Dubai can accommodate the perfect spot for it. A music band for your wedding in Dubai will be the equivalent of lots of fun and elegant atmosphere, where the party feeling will be felt from the beginning until the end. Besides that, you can ask if karaoke moments are accepted because as we all know, there will always be some guests who would want to show their musical skills, as the party gets awesome late in the night. If you want more details about the music bands you can hire for your exclusive event, you can ask our wedding planners in Dubai, who can make you some arrangements in this matter.

Hire a DJ for your wedding in Dubai

The well-played music of a DJ entertains most weddings instead of a music band. But what are the advantages of hiring a DJ? First of all, a DJ will play the original songs you know, which is definitely a key point when entertaining your guests. A DJ has a variety of songs, but if you have some special requests, you have the possibility to make your own playlist. Searching for a good DJ also starts on the internet or among friends that already got married and had a great party. Search for videos and wedding moments with DJs to make a first impression. Once you have decided for a DJ, book an appointment and settle all the details: wedding date, wedding venue, playlist, budget, audition, dress code, etc.

Live band and DJ for your wedding in Dubai

Haven’t decided yet on what to choose between a DJ and a music band? Why not have both? A DJ can take care of particular moments at the wedding, so does the live band. Don’t make compromises regarding the party at your wedding, and hire a DJ and a music band if you want to imprint great memories at your wedding in Dubai. The guests will appreciate the variety and the party will definitely be unforgettable.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai for further questions about the band vs. DJ for your wedding in Dubai.