5 Recommendations for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 23rd August 2016

5 Recommendations for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake in Dubai Image
Dreaming about the perfect cake for your wedding in Dubai
Well, you should take into account a few recommendations from our wedding event planners in Dubai, if you want to amaze your guests on you special and beautiful day.

1. Make an appointment for your wedding cake

There are two main sins when designing a conventional wedding cake: first of all, don't wait until the last moment to create and order a cake. You should know that most of the bakeries have their custom cakes booked in advance, so don’t forget to make your own appointment. 
The second, try not to have too many people around you when you choose the wedding cake.

Many brides are not comfortable when both sets of parents, cousins, friends, and other acquaintances are involved in this delicate process. When you come to select your wedding cake, you should only have one or two people around you, because choosing a cake is about your feelings as a future bride.

2. Be creative when you choose the design

Many brides bring their color scheme from their wedding dresses or bridesmaid gowns into the bakery, for color matching. You can also coordinate your jewelries with the wedding cake, adding sweet and delicate cake ornaments like diamonds, rubies or pearls. 

Moreover, themed weddings need the same wedding cake. From outdoor spring ceremonies to religious weddings, any kind of wedding can be coordinated with a custom-made cake.

3. A great bakery makes a great cake

Our wedding planners in Dubai recommend you to visit dedicated wedding cake websites, in order to obtain real client feedback from other married couples. 

You should keep in mind that if the photos aren't up-to-date, their work isn't also. The next step is to visit the bakery, get to know the staff and then talk about your dream wedding cake.
Most cake experts have a dedicated staff and a private area in which you can evaluate and design your wedding cake.

4. Please, can I taste a little?

The wedding planner in Dubai recommends you to arrange a cake tasting before you make the order. Simple flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry will differ depending on how the cake is created, its recipe, its frosting time and many other aspects. 

As an advice, you should avoid the exotic tastes because not everybody loves these kinds of flavors. You should know that a good bakery can make vanilla taste incredible. 

You can rely on our wedding planning services in Dubai when you want to choose the wedding cake, or if you need any other recommendations.

5. Don’t order your cake in the last moment!

Three to six months is plenty of time to plan, design and create the wedding cake. If the bride knows her color scheme and the wedding location, then is the proper time to design, create and order the cake, before the two months critical period comes.

You can contact our wedding planners in Dubai, if you need extra information about how to choose the wedding cake.