5 Tips for a Perfect Beach Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 24th August 2016

5 Tips for a Perfect Beach Wedding in Dubai Image
People come from different countries to say their vows on delicately sandy beaches, with the sun sparkling on the water and marvelous sunsets as a background.
Beach weddings in the beautiful and attractive city of Dubai can be wonderful memories that couples will never forget. 

If you wish a great beach wedding you can rely on our wedding planning services in Dubai and take into consideration the recommendations from our wedding event planners in Dubai.

1. Plan the ceremony on the beach

First of all think about what kind of beach wedding you wish to have. Permits and regulations may differ, depending on what type of meeting you will have, whether food and drink are implicated, if you’re asking for a certain zone of the beach.
You can choose to have your wedding ceremony on the beach, and then you can move the reception somewhere that’s better prepared to manage the party. 

2. Dress correctly for your beach wedding in Dubai

Regarding the outfit for this type of wedding, it is reccomended to leave the sumptuous wedding dress at home. Seaside weddings require lightweight outfit, and the brides can select delicate fabrics like linen or cotton.
The groom can have a simple and exclusive outfit, like a shirt and some white pants. A classy beach dress will make the bride feel special and romantic.

3. Choose the proper floral arrangement for your beach wedding in Dubai

Stunning orchids, roses, lilies or freesia are quite suitable for this type of wedding and can maintain pretty good, no matter the weather.
As a recommendation from our wedding planner in Dubai, you also choose to have a flower arch. This is a beautiful and romantic décor for your exclusive wedding in Dubai.

4. Have some courage and try something new

Have some fun in the sun and try something new before your beautiful wedding in Dubai. Skydiving, scuba diving, surfing and other exclusive adventures are great options instead of bachelorette events, for instance, and they can be experienced right here in Dubai. The Dubai wedding planners can offer all the needed details, if you wish to plan special and remarkable moments on your big ceremony day.

5. Think about a private or a public beach wedding in Dubai

If you wish a smaller beach wedding, with almost 60 or 70 invitees, you might have a chance to find a private property on the beach, with owners who usually rent their spaces for these kinds of occasions. In these types of venues you can have an amazing wedding ceremony and great moments with your friends and family.

The wedding event planner in Dubai can offer suitable guidance and information if you want a beach wedding in the city, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.