Colors and Fabrics for Your 2018 Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Saturday 10th February 2018

If for many years the weddings were focused on pastel and romantic colors, but also on traditional items, now it’s time to be a little bit daring. The vibrant colors and the stunning fabrics place 2018 into a whole new era created by designers worldwide. Even grooms are getting out of ordinary, by choosing electric-colored pieces of clothing or different items. The wedding management in Dubai is for everyone in search of a great destination for lifetime vows, with an attractive wedding package included. You can ask our wedding event planners in Dubai for guidance and information about how you can arrange the wedding in a fast and satisfactory manner.

Burgundy and black accent for your wedding in Dubai

If you think that a wedding should be created with popular colors like pearly white, mint, light pink or beige when it comes for the wedding theme, the wedding dress or the table arrangements, then you should meet the trends for this year. Whether it is the tie of the groom, the floral arrangements, the tablecloths or some elements part of the wedding theme, you can ask for burgundy tones that match the peach lines and add black edges for a total effect. The dramatic look can be completed by metallic tones which will always be in trends. The color palette for weddings in Dubai in 2018 is rich and allows a wide range of combinations but putting the accent on a perfect burgundy tone for a tie, cufflinks or thin Bordeaux insertions on the wedding dress for a maximum effect.  

If you want to explore the options in matters of fabrics and elements for a stunning wedding theme in Dubai, let us propose you a list of suppliers and vendors who will consider all your requests and ideas. Our Dubai wedding planner can offer you assistance at any time.

How the invitations look like in 2018

Would you like to create something special for your wedding invitations? The graphic designers suggest using the same line as for your wedding elements. For example, you can choose the black paper for your invitations and write them with gold letters. The envelope can have Bordeaux velvet elements as seals. You won’t have to worry that this is too much because this year is focused on getting out of the limits and losing the traditional items.

Items for your wedding reception

Once you have agreed for the wedding venue in Dubai, it is time to decorate it just the way you’ve dreamed of for many years. The wedding designers have reached the verdict for this year: bright crystals, macramé table runners, velvet, and marbles for your décor. These can be part of your wedding theme and you can start with tulle draperies edged by soft and luxurious burgundy velvet. The crystal chandelier is definitely a must for this wedding season, and better yet, you can scatter colored crystals on the tables as part of a romantic and daring décor.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai for extra information about how to create your wedding in Dubai.