Documents Preparation for Expats' Weddings in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 09th October 2016

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If you received the big question and you said YES, then it is time to prepare your special wedding, with joy, relaxation and excellent recommendations. Dubai is an amazing place to get married, and many people choose this city to create a unique event that will definitely imprint beautiful memories of a lifetime. Planning a wedding is quite easy and our wedding event planner in Dubai will properly guide you through the entire process, besides offering suggestions and information about the needed marriage documents.

What you need to know about necessary papers for a Dubai wedding

The golden sandy beaches, the clear blue sky and the luxurious venues are main aspects to take into consideration when planning a wedding in Dubai. This gorgeous city impresses everyone from overseas, who choose to say their vows down to the beach. But until you reach this stage, you should prepare the documents, and your embassy or consulate can help you in this matter. In order to be suitable for marriage in Dubai, the expats need to obtain the UAE residence visa. The Dubai Courts will provide you with the marriage licence, after the following documents are shown:

•    birth certificates;
•    valid passports;
•    valid visas;
•    the national ID;
•    the attestation of documents from the expats’ embassy.

It is good to know that each embassy has its own rules and procedures, so you might want to plan a visit in time, in order to have the needed documents ready for your wedding in Dubai. If you have decided to get married and you are 100% certain of how your special event has to look like, the next step is to talk to our wedding planners in Dubai, to obtain recommendations and additional information about the type of documents you might need for your marriage.

If you wish to have a roman catholic wedding ceremony in Dubai, the future grooms need to notify the home country embassy about this decision. A notice of marriage might be shown at your embassy.

Who chooses Dubai as a wedding destination?

Dubai is one of the most wanted destinations to get married in, but the registered marriage in the UAE is not officially recognized. Therefore, your home country consulate or embassy will be in charge with this matter. People from countries like Russia, UK, Lebanon, Latvia, Georgia, US, Canada, Qatar, Austria or France are still excited to have weddings in Dubai.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai, if you need details about marriage documents in Dubai, or if you need wedding planning services.

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