Fall Wedding Themes in Dubai

Updated on Saturday 22nd October 2016

Fall Wedding Themes in Dubai Image
Autumn is a great season for a wedding in Dubai, due to the excellent weather, low humidity, and lovely breeze among many other aspects that we will describe later on. If you have settled the wedding date in September, October or November and you consider a fall wedding theme is exactly what you wish, then it is time to ask for recommendations and ideas from our wedding event planner in Dubai. We have gathered so many visions about how to create a fall wedding theme in Dubai, and we will definetely match them with yours.

Rustic wedding theme in Dubai

The fall season offers brilliant colors and amazing scents that can perfectly match with your romantic mood. A rustic wedding theme in Dubai can be designed with attention to details and warm colors like delicate red, sweet orange, fresh yellow and caramel brown. This amazing palette can be encountered on your centerpieces, if you add beautiful Asiatic lilies, red roses, sunflowers and hand-made pastel silk flowers, besides astonishing maple leaves. As a recommendation from our wedding planners in Dubai, you can include milk chocolate-colored silk draperies, with little bright crystals on. Instead of the classic wedding chairs, you can consider arranging comfy chairs made of bronze painted fir. 

And for a touch of romance, your wedding tiara can be created with small red and yellow flowers, delicately painted with silver dust and glowing little stars. If you choose to have the wedding down the beach in Dubai, you can certainly ask for an autumn flower arch. Our Dubai wedding planner can provide you a list of contractors who can turn your dreams into reality, and create the fall wedding theme according to your imagination and ideas. 


Romantic caramel wedding theme in Dubai

For this type of wedding theme, you can still play with the main colors, but it is recommended to put the accent on brown and caramel tones. Besides looking for the perfect wedding dress and shoes to match your romantic caramel wedding theme, make sure to add some special items on your list, such as:

•    some tablecloths made of caramel-colored silk and satin silver trim;
•    delicate Swiss chocolate nuts, brownies, yellow macaroons and golden truffles for your candy bar;
•    a chandelier made with golden crystals;
•    a dance floor covered with maple leaves and caramel-golden silk leaves;
•    a few curtains made of veil and caramel-colored thin silk lines.

The aisle that gets you to the beautiful flower arch where you will say the vows can be arranged with golden veil on the sides, yellow flowers and lots of stardust on your way, to complete the fairytale.

Include the bridesmaids in your fall wedding theme

To finish the picture of the fall wedding theme in Dubai, you might want to take into account the bridesmaids' outfit. Their dresses can be made in autumn colors like blackberry purple, chocolate brown, deep red or neutral shades of gold. Besides that, you can still play with your imagination and create their bouquets with dark red roses, dahlias, gerberas, rosehips and small golden oak leaves and acorns, perfectly combined with delicate lace. Quite fancy, we might say!

When looking for the perfect wedding dress, shoes, make-up and many other wedding items, let us take care of the entire wedding planning in Dubai, and give us a call.