How to Organize a Vintage Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Monday 19th December 2016

How to Organize a Vintage Wedding in Dubai Image
The 20s, the 30s or the 40s have always been a source of inspiration to different ceremonies or parties in every corner of the world. With a touch of romance and with plenty of imagination, you can organize a vintage wedding in Dubai, considering the design, the theme, the food and the costumes. Our wedding event planner in Dubai is more than ready to offer you guidance and recommendation if you wish to plan a vintage wedding in the city.

Beautiful ideas for you vintage wedding in Dubai

Daring waves, excellent champagne, beautiful décor and remarkable wedding themes are part of a vintage wedding, and you should consider them before you start planning such beautiful and unique moment. If you are fascinated by a certain period of time, for example by the beautiful 40s, it is recommended to make some research, to read some books, to see a few movies and to write down what impresses you the most. The wedding planners in Dubai may offer you some ideas, in order to ease your tasks and to be prepared when meeting with the vendors, caterers, and managers:

•    create vintage invitation cards and consider adding some special fonts for your text;
•    choose a beautiful garden as your vintage décor for the ceremony and add refurbished furniture and tables to remind of that period;
•    look for a gramophone and a vinyl; many antique shops have such items for rent;
•    create a panel with vintage frames, for people to write down their wishes for the newly-weds;
•    rent a Roll-Royce car from the 40s and imagine you are playing an important part in the movie;

What to wear to a vintage wedding in Dubai

The ladies should search in time for the perfect wedding dress model from the 30s or 40s. With a dress made of beautiful lace, with the uncovered back, and with a daring décolletage in a perfect combination with a pearl necklace, you might say this is the image of an elegant woman from 1940. The red lipstick is mandatory, in order to complete the glam look, besides the romantic hair waves.
As for the gentlemen, the things might be a little bit easier regarding the costume. A tweed suit, a colored shirt, and some suspenders can be the perfect option for the vintage wedding in Dubai.

Our wedding planners in Dubai remind that you can hire a tailor to create the wedding gowns. Before you do, you should make some research online and you should save some pictures, in order to explain your visions and ideas and to create the dreamed items. Regarding the clothes for a vintage wedding in Dubai, you can communicate to the invitees that a dress code is necessary.

Tips for a great vintage wedding in Dubai

Since the “Great Gatsby” movie appeared in 2013, many couples choose to plan vintage weddings inspired by it. Therefore, smart persons already took advantage of this opportunity and created small rental firms that offer the décor from the movie, including, tables, costumes, buffets or even bands. You can ask for a personalized menu from that period, which can include meat pies, bread pudding, rock buns or pear crumbles. You may also add the current dishes among these suggestions if certain guests are not feeling comfortable with menus and foods they don’t recognize.

Make sure to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai, if you want extra information and recommendations about how to organize a vintage wedding in Dubai.