Jewelry Tips for Brides-To-Be in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 14th November 2017

Jewelry Tips for Brides-To-Be in Dubai Image
It is a certitude that a wedding represents one of the most important events in life for a woman. The bride-to-be must shine and must fill the ballroom with her style and elegance. Jewelry can help a bride shine in her beautiful day. Designers have already decided on the trends for 2018 and you should find out them if you plan a wedding in Dubai for the next year. One thing is for sure and characterizes the first step in choosing the wedding jewelry: less is more. Our wedding event planners in Dubai are at your disposal with full services related to organizing a wedding in Dubai, in order for you to be stress-free and to enjoy the moments of a lifetime. 

How to choose the earrings

Is not the watch, is not the necklace or the bracelets women think of as the last items to match with the overall outfit for any kind of occasion. It is that stunning pair of earrings which outlines the beautiful attributes of a woman. Long statement earrings can be worn at a wedding in Dubai if the hair is a well-made bun with a few classic accessories. You can also bet on crystal earrings in form of a drop, but consider that there is no need for a collar or a necklace. The same is recommended for brides with short hair who can also choose to wear pearls, as suggested by Chanel, the famous luxury brand for women.

Paying attention to the necklace

Even if pearls are classic jewelry for weddings, you might want to search for others trendy alternative. For example, chokers and collars are fashionable and in varied forms. As a suggestion, you can choose a delicate lace choker with crystal insertions for a touch of beauty and elegance. Embroidery can also be an option for brides-to-be if it matches the wedding dress and the tiara. You cannot wear a pearl necklace and a crystal tiara at the same time. In Dubai, you have a multitude of jewelry shops from which you can choose the appropriate items for your special event. From famous brands to local jewelry designers, you can make a short research and explore the possibilities which we can grant, they will match with any sophisticated taste. 

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Choosing the hair jewelry

Wedding designers worldwide agree that the beauty of a bride can be highlighted by a gorgeous hair well accessorizes with pearl headbands, crystal wreaths or big crystal hairpins. This is how the overall bridal jewelry can help a woman shine on her wedding day. We just want to add that, for a delicate crystal hairband, you cannot wear statement earrings, but you can choose small crystals and a long delicate veil for a perfect wedding look.

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