Trend Alert: Purple Floral Arrangements for Weddings in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 11th April 2018

Are you ready to get married in Dubai this year? Time is ticking and there are so many things to do. Among these, you should check-out the floral arrangement trends for 2018 because all purple tones are vibrant and must have colors for this season. Our wedding event planners in Dubai can help you with the wedding management in Dubai and can connect you with the local providers, in order for you to have a relaxed time before the big event takes place.

Variations of purple for your wedding flowers

Ultra-violet flower arrangements are this season’s trends when it comes to the big wedding in Dubai. The fruitful palette offers a wide range of combinations for your overall flower arrangements and wedding theme, so let's see why this magnificent color can beautifully create the image of perfection at your wedding. First of all, who doesn’t love lavender tones? Besides the beautiful flower which can be inserted from place to place in the table bouquets, the colors can match with the table clothes, the purple curtains and the violet bowtie of the future husband. It is extremely important to match several items at your wedding and to create a delightful color combination. More than that, purple tones can be mixed with golden items like the ones on the table (plates, glasses, napkins). Darker flowers like hydrangeas or anemones can be part of the flower arrangements alongside with purple roses and orchids.

Your wedding in Dubai may start with complete assistance offered by our team of wedding planners in Dubai who can help you when choosing and dealing with the suppliers in the city. Any questions you might have about how to organize a wedding in six months, for example, please feel free to talk to us at any time.

Purple elements to match the floral arrangements at your wedding

As soon as you have decided for the flower bouquets and arrangements for your Dubai wedding, it is recommended to see what other items can embrace the same beautiful color. For example, besides the elements on the table, you can also choose purple wedding favors like photo frames, welcome baskets or special bottles of wine. Also, bridesmaids must align with the color trending at your wedding and can wear elegant purple or violet dresses. Knowing the fact that these tones are the must-have of the season can ease the choices of both brides and bridesmaids before the big event.
As long as your imagination aligns with the good taste, then have no worries, and let the purple tones color your magnificent wedding in Dubai.

We also invite you to contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai for extra tips and information.