Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

Updated on Tuesday 21st November 2017

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Each bride in search of the perfect wedding dress must consider the trends settled by designers worldwide. 2018 comes with daring ideas, stunning creations and lots of romance and classic details. We have gathered a few important attributes of how your 2018 wedding dresses should look like if you are planning the big event in Dubai. Before that, we remind you that our wedding event planners in Dubai are at your disposal if you are interested in wedding management in Dubai and a proper way to ease the wedding tasks with the help of our experienced team.

Black insertions, a brave idea for brides

Blending the classic style with courageous attributes reflects the trends for wedding dresses in 2018. The designers have decided: black is the new white, especially for ladies in search of out of the  ordinary wedding outfits. The recent Bridal Fashion Week which took place in New York in October surpassed the expectations but in a very confident way. The wedding dresses are highlighted by black bows or black ostrich feathers for the gown skirt. Your wedding day look can be stunning if you match the wedding dress with statement crystal earrings or necklaces, preferably with black tones to complete the outfit.

It’s all about ruffles

Ruffles are back on track this year and will be in 2018 too. Each woman should have at least one item with ruffles in her wardrobe. Even more, the wedding dresses can glossily highlight a bride’s silhouette with a skirt made of cascading ruffles and small delicate crystals for an extra feminine look. A romantic bun and a silver tiara might beautifully arrange the overall wedding outfit.

Gold and glitters for your wedding dress

If you don’t like that much the classic white for wedding dresses, then you should try something different and in trends for 2018. A wedding dress with warm golden tones and beautifully accessorized with sparkling details applied on the corset should be on your list of dresses to look for in 2018. Haven’t decided yet what to wear, what kind of wedding theme you should have or how the wedding venue should look like? Our Dubai wedding planner can explain how things must work when preparing for a wedding. From choosing the caterers to setting the last details before the wedding, our consultants are here to guide you each step.

Ball gowns? Yes, please!

Returning to the classic items, we remind brides that a classic ball gown will always transform a lady into a beauty queen. A spectacular entrance to your unique event in Dubai can be explored to the maximum with a royal look-a-like wedding dress with accents on volume and stunning fabrics. 2018 is for sure a great year for fabulous weddings and beautiful brides with special wedding dresses. Ruffles, black insertions, volume, crystals, or golden tones are among preferences for wedding dress designers worldwide.

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