Wedding Favors - How to Please Your Guests in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 22nd February 2018

As the tradition says, each invitee at a wedding shall not leave the event empty-handed. The bride and the groom can thank the guests for the friendship and for their availability of enjoying a beautiful wedding with the help of all kinds of interesting souvenirs. Having an organized wedding from A to Z will result in a well-made and stunning wedding which is why you can count on the support offered by our team of wedding event planners in Dubai.

Type of wedding favors you can offer to your guests

Having a large wedding in Dubai will not only be time-consuming due to all things you need to consider and arrange, but it will also ask for your complete attention, including for your guests and the way you wish to please them all. In this sense, you should consider offering wedding favors as a token of appreciation for their presence at your wedding in Dubai. Here are a few examples of wedding favors you can think of for your invitees:

•    welcome baskets which can contain chocolate sweets, small champagnes, and personalized cork coasters;
•    glitter boxes with heart-shaped candles;
•    personalized paper fans;
•    candles in form of white love birds;
•    photo frames with the couple’s picture;
•    special bottles of wine. 

You can create whatever crosses your mind, as long as it is something useful and easy to remember. Wedding favors are a sign of appreciation for your friends who joined your stunning wedding in Dubai. If you need help when choosing the wedding favors, you can talk to your team of wedding planners in Dubai who can provide you with a list of vendors from which you can choose according to your ideas.

Special wedding favors for bridesmaids

If you are thinking of your best friends who are also your bridesmaids at the wedding, you should plan some special wedding gifts, such as:

•    personalized vintage hand mirrors;
•    wedding date bracelets with initials;
•    leather jewelry boxes;
•    personalized cosmetic bags;
•    plush bathroom robe with initials.

As for the gentlemen who will stand at the disposal of grooms as best men, they can be offered as wedding favors items like special cigars, personalized bottles of whiskey, barber shop kits, personalized tie, and cufflinks, or engraved silver pocket watches if you think of something extravagant.

If you need help in choosing the wedding gifts, please feel free to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai. We can help you explore your imagination and choose just the things you like for your special wedding in Dubai.