Wedding Makeup Trends for 2017

Updated on Wednesday 07th June 2017

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If you are a fashionable woman and ready to get married in the most extravagant city in the world, it is time to focus on the latest trends in make-up. The stylists have made the big announcement: the future brides should enter a pink situation. Well, not that pink but certainly a tone that matches perfectly with your state of mind, natural look and a special wedding. Would you like to organize a wedding in Dubai? Let our wedding event planner in Dubai take care of your utmost requirements while you check the latest details about make-up, wedding dress, and decoration tendencies.

Pink for the lips and for the eyes

The pastel pink is definitely in trends this year, no matter how imposing or not that imposing your wedding dress and other items might be. A monochromatic makeup is a synonym to beauty and to simplicity, especially if a woman likes a natural yet classy look. The light pink tones are for sure a must-have color in your make-up palette as an eye shadow and as a lipstick. This kind of color can perfectly match with shinny cheeks and perfectly contoured eyebrows. You have permission from worldwide make-up artists.

Choose a red-orange lipstick for a classy look

The make-up artists have always played with colors, ideas and used as a source of inspiration the classic look from the ‘40s and ‘50s, where the red lipstick was a solid piece for every woman. Getting back in our times, the ultimate trend is to wear a red matte lipstick but with orange tones for a warm and stylish look. You may add the eyeliner in your make-up and a touch of illuminator to complete the glam and natural look. If you want to find a make-up artist for your wedding in Dubai and you have no idea where to start from, we recommend you ask for help and guidance from our wedding planners in Dubai who can provide you with a list of stylists from which you can choose according to your visions and taste. 

Check-out the latest trends on eyebrows

Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and even the latest sensation Cara Delevingne are artists who have established special trends regarding the way of wearing the eyebrows. Well contoured, defined and a little bit darker seem to be the main aspects to consider when searching for the perfect make-up in this matter. As it is known, the eyebrows are the ones that enhance your eyes and face, therefore, you can highlight them with brown powder in two colors: the light one for the beginning part of the eyebrow and the dark one for the entire brow. This kind of eyebrows can match a simple make-up where a lip gloss cannot miss, especially if it is light pink.

Our team of wedding event planners in Dubai is more than happy to provide you with information and guidance about how to easily organize your special event. We remind that our wedding planning services in Dubai are everything you need, so please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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