Your Wedding in Dubai - Short Guide for Brides

Updated on Saturday 17th June 2017

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Every future bride gets emotional when she thinks of the big day because that special day needs to be perfect from her point of view. In order for this to happen, she needs to clear her mind and get prepared for the adventure of a lifetime which starts with planning the wedding with attention to details. Our wedding event planners in Dubai are more than pleased to offer guidance and information when organizing a major event like this. We propose a short guide for brides in search of a little coordination when planning a wedding in Dubai.

Relax and start planning your wedding in Dubai 

Are you ready to plan the most important event of your life and you don’t know where to start? Let us guide you from the beginning by organizing the major tasks with calm and complete attention. Our wedding planners in Dubai recommend you to take this exclusive event step by step and to consider the following recommendations:

•    talk to your future husband and settle the wedding date in Dubai;
•    create a budget for your wedding in Dubai;
•    make a list of possible friends and family members to invite;
•    think of wedding venues you might want to visit before choosing one;
•    ready to buy the wedding dress? check out the latest trends in wedding dresses;
•    start looking for wedding invitations and think of something special;
•    do you have bridesmaids? Call your girl friends as soon as you have settled the wedding date;
•    counsel your future husband and agree on a wedding outfit for him;
•    think of what kind of food you might want to impress the wedding guests with;

Besides the main tasks you should consider when planning a wedding in Dubai, future brides need to know that a big event like this can be entirely supervised by a wedding planner with a vast experience. You might want to direct your attention to other significant duties like choosing a wedding theme, your jewelry, the entertainment for your wedding, the photographer or the decorations. We remind you that our wedding planners will 100% consider your ideas and will help you make your dreams come true.

Plan your honeymoon

The first moments as husband and wife start with a great honeymoon. If you prefer the sea and the golden sands, we recommend you to book your honeymoon in Dubai for utmost lavishness and ultimate spoil. Dubai is an ideal destination for all couples in search of totally different atmosphere, where deluxe, perfect amenities and extreme attention to details are on top of the list, no matter the resort you choose in the city. Besides relaxing with spa moments and dinners for two, the newlyweds can explore the amazing metropolis because there are so many things to see and to do. 

Book some makeup trials

The dress is ready, the accessories match it perfectly, but what about your makeup for your wedding in Dubai? Every future bride can make a short search via the internet and see what’s new. This year, the makeup artists worldwide recommend the natural makeup based on light tones of pink and a red-orange lipstick which can be the masterpiece of your appearance. Most brides are attracted by daring makeups, but from our point of view, it is recommended to book some trials and see what kind of makeup is suitable for you and matches the wedding outfit. A special wedding makeup can be matched with perfectly contoured eyebrows, a thing your makeup artist will focus on.

The big entrance, the start of the ceremony in Dubai

3, 2, 1, this is it! The adventure of your lifetime starts now! The champagne is cold and the red carpet awaits the bride and the groom. If you want an imposing entrance at the venue where the ceremony takes place, we recommend you to rent a perfect white limousine that matches with the big and exquisite event. The emotion and the feelings a woman have in front of family and friends when entering as a beautiful bride alongside with the chosen one are incomparable. The bride is in the center of attention, and every gesture or move needs to be perfectly timed and selected.

If you want to plan a wedding in Dubai and need support with all the tasks, we recommend you to get in touch with our team of wedding planners in Dubai.

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