Your Wedding in Dubai - Short Guide for Grooms

Updated on Friday 23rd June 2017

Your Wedding in Dubai - Short Guide for Grooms Image
Even though the bride is the main star of the wedding and all eyes are on her, let’s not forget the groom and let us remind some important etiquettes and protocols to consider when getting ready to marry. Since you are about to make an important step in life, we recommend you start planning your wedding in Dubai with complete support and recommendations from our wedding event planner in Dubai.


 Adopt the same style as your future bride

The groom’s outfit has the same major impact on the wedding dress and couples should discuss the possibilities, in order to adopt the same style. For instance, a wedding dress made of lace which reveals the shoulders can perfectly match a tuxedo made of light fabrics with grey tones, a white shirt, and a dark blue tie. The key to a perfect outfit is to discover the sharp look which can be designed according to your body. A fitted suit can suitably slim down your appearance, especially if you adopt a dark but special color.

 Decide on the venue in Dubai with your future bride

The wedding in Dubai implies both parts and the tasks can be divided between the two of you. Once you start to look for wedding venues in Dubai, each detail and idea can weigh pretty much on a final decision regarding the place of the ceremony. Our wedding planners in Dubai can help you with a list of interesting wedding venues in the city from which you can choose the suitable one for your desires. And let us remind that the groom should also come with proposals and ideas about the ceremony place, in order to agree on the perfect place for the ceremony.

 Create an original speech and say it from the heart

The wedding is made entirely of beautiful moments for the bride and groom. One special moment is related to the groom’s speech, where he needs to thank everyone invited at the ceremony. It might sound like a serious task, it sure is, but add some friendly humor in a natural way and some well-known quotes to contour the speech in a distinct manner. It is true, emotions might intervene, but there is a solution for everything, therefore, you should speak from the heart in front of your friends and family and express the love in a simple way to conquer the audience. A groom should pay complete attention to the speech and should rehearse at home and imagine this beautiful and unique moment.

 Groom’s etiquette at the wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is fun and memorable, and besides that, the bride and the groom should also consider an important task related to the invitees. The newlyweds need to thank the guests who gladly came to the big event, by making fun conversations. This is not just a task for the bride, as the groom also needs to communicate with each invitee during the ceremony, in order to make a great impression and to make sure everyone feels good.

If you are interested in our wedding planning services in Dubai, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our team of wedding planners in Dubai is here to help you with numerous tasks for your future wedding.

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