Choosing a Tiara for your Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 28th March 2018

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Choosing a Tiara for your Wedding in Dubai Image
If your thinking of adding extra sparkle to your exclusive wedding outfit, let us recommend you a must-have item: the wedding tiara. This element will kindly embrace the overall wedding outfit and will make any bride shine on her wedding day. In order to choose just the perfect item, we invite you to get in touch with our team of wedding event planners in Dubai who can also help you with the floral arrangements and wedding management.

Types of tiaras for your wedding in Dubai

When choosing the bridal tiara, it is recommended to select the wedding dress first. Your purpose has to be a perfect match and a coordinated look. What the trends are and what types of tiaras you should take into account for your wedding in Dubai are important questions for every bride, so here are some examples. The traditional tiaras offer a romantic and also a dramatic look and can match with every gown, from simple and elegant wedding dresses to traditional ball outfits. These accessories can be worn with or without a veil, according to the brides’ taste. The ladies should know that tiaras can be worn with any kind of hair, hairdos or updos.

Wedding headbands are still on fire. A headband shows a touch of stylishness for brides who want to wear their hair down. A bridal headband is ideal for brides with short hair and they can try irregular diadems for a fresh and young look. Bridal combs are fashionable headpieces that can be worn with almost any hairstyle you choose for your wedding in Dubai

A double headband is usually worn flat on the head, as a hairband, or inclined forward in a diadem style. You can choose wearing it wrapped around your bun for a unique and romantic look. Hairpins are also really convenient and they are a great option for any hairstyle. You can choose them mainly in basic updos because they will highlight your special bridal bun. The wedding event planner in Dubai will help you pick the right tiara and other add-ons, according to your wedding dress and taste.

If you would like to know more about tiaras for your wedding outfit in Dubai, we invite you to watch the video below:


Combine your tiara with the veil

Without a doubt, the main features of a wedding outfit should be attentively selected. The wedding tiara is just a great example that a bride can be the princess of the party. This delicate and beautiful item can be perfectly combined with a graceful and elegant veil. It is not a rule to have only one item, whether the tiara or the veil because these two can be mixed properly for a maximum effect. It is good to know that a tiara matches perfectly with lace or tulle veils which can have little shiny crystals from place to place if the bride chooses such item. After all, this event is unique, and the bride plays the key role at the party.

How to mix the tiara with other accessories

If you have chosen a tiara and you don’t know how to match it with other accessories, let our wedding event planner in Dubai offer you some tips in this sense:

•    add small crystal earrings;
•    try to avoid big necklaces and wear instead of  it a thin platinum chain;
•    don’t forget the engagement ring or use it as a source of inspiration for your tiara.

Extra tips to choose the right tiara for your wedding in Dubai

If the wedding dress is dripping with pearls, you can select a tiara made with some beautiful pearls. If the wedding dress sparkles with crystals, buy a diadem with crystal inflections. A tiara with only rhinestones and no pearls will match any costume you might choose. Brides with short hair look incontestably amazing wearing tiaras and they can choose a subtle diadem that won't need lots of pinning to hold it in position.

Please feel free to contact our wedding planners in Dubai for detailed information if you want to wear a tiara on your exclusive wedding day.