Choosing the Right Wedding Theme

Updated on Wednesday 17th May 2017

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Choosing a wedding theme and a color palette lets you fill your ceremony with your personality and creates a background that encloses all the attributes of a sophisticated piece of art for your special day. As our wedding event planner in Dubai recommends, your colors and theme should perfectly picture the idea of your wedding day, without forgetting the important details of your ceremony.


Selecting the wedding theme in Dubai

When you’re about to select the theme for your wedding day you should begin with some thinking and counseling with our wedding planner in Dubai, taking into consideration a few things, like:

•    hobbies;
•    favorite things you both enjoy;
•    fashion style;
•    how you two met;
•    favorite music, food or movies.

Many wedding themes can be pretty difficult to picture and in this situation, it is recommended to talk to our wedding planners in Dubai, in order to communicate your dream theme in a manner that all guests joining your wedding ceremony can understand.

Match the wedding theme with the wedding items 

Once you have decided on a wedding theme for your special occasion in Dubai, it is time to select what items can be matched with it. For instance, if you have chosen the red and gold wedding theme, make sure to create the table arrangements, centerpieces, place cards and table gifts with the same tones. You can select red paper for the place cards and write them with golden letters for an attractive and outstanding effect.

Are you searching for an old item for your wedding? Why not choose some red crystal earrings? These can definitely match with a red lipstick and a lace wedding dress with uncovered shoulders. A natural make-up can be your perfect option if you’ll wear a red lipstick. As for your future husband, he can wear a golden bow tie if the gown is made of simple colors and superior fabrics. Let our wedding planner in Dubai take care of your wedding theme while you are searching for another important item for your unique event.

Choose the fairy tale wedding theme to amaze everyone  

Every couple has a story, and yours is the special one. Why not try to picture it in a form of a fairy tale? You’ll just need a princess style wedding dress, a ballroom decorated with sparkle items where a huge chandelier is placed in the middle of the room as a witness to your celebration with friends and family. Besides that, you can have an orchestra to your wedding and feel like White Snow dancing with the prince charming. And instead of a horse carriage, you can arrive at your wedding reception with grace and style in a luxurious limousine.

We have prepared an interesting video about how to choose the right wedding theme in Dubai and we invite you to watch it: 


Popular wedding themes in Dubai

There are numerous standard selections for wedding themes that our Dubai wedding planners suggest and here are some of the most wanted ones:
  • cherry delight wedding theme involves a cherry ornamented cage for the stage. Filled with bird cages and cherry blossom trees the wedding can be a true work of art. With white curtains hanging from walls, pink and white light through the ballroom, your wedding theme can surprise the audience;
  • red and gold wedding theme can be a perfect color combination for your exquisite ceremony, taking into consideration the power and the beautiful radiance of the two dominant colors. Completely dressed in red, the acrylic background can be the center of attention, creating an extravagant look across the ballroom;
  • winter wonderland wedding theme can be magical if you use frosty pink, silver and blue. The ballroom can be filled with white curtains and paper chandeliers to create the snowy winter appearance. It is recommended to not forget about the oversized hydrangeas bowls that imitate marshmallows everyone loves;
  • sparkling sensation wedding theme can be chosen if you love luxurious crystal chandeliers that match perfectly with beautiful blooms of roses and gold, orange and white backgrounds.

If you need more information and guidance on choosing the right wedding theme, please feel free to contact our wedding planners in Dubai.