Coordination of the Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 15th September 2016

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We offer a complete package of wedding services, from decorations, all the way to photography and audio-video arrangements. Most importantly, we have a day-of coordinator, whom is more than just a simple wedding event planner

Coordination and planning of the wedding in Dubai

The wedding planner is necessary for brides and grooms who want to do a big part of the planning themselves but, when the wedding day comes, they need a professional to execute their decisions. Most often, the bride will rely on her family and friends to carry out all of her plans for the wedding but, in this case, the person assigned to take care of the stressful task will surely not enjoy the event. Beside this, in most cases, the appointee doesn’t have enough experience as a wedding/event planner. Thus, the wedding in Dubai will become overwhelming for that person, as he/she will try to make sure the day runs smoothly. This is why the persons who want to have a memorable wedding in Dubai are recommended to hire a wedding planner and let him/her manage the whole ceremony. 

Events prior and after the ceremony

First, our wedding planner in Dubai will present the timeline and go over all of the arrangements that have already been made by the couple and update everything accordingly. After we receive the confirmation for the final details from the bride, groom and vendors, we will discuss with the wedding officiator in order to better choreograph the ceremony.

Coordination of a wedding in Dubai means securing on-time arrival, hair and make-up schedule, supervising all food deliveries and the set-up of the meals as well. Also, the flowers must all be there (on time), the photographer is supposed to arrive on time, the coordinator will secure and ensure transportation, and, of course, call out the names on the guest list, so that no one is missing the event.  

During the ceremony, we ensure that everyone arrives on time (including the musicians), flowers are at the location, we confirm the music that will be played and determine the hand signals for stopping the music, when needed, and handle every emergency that might appear. 

So, if you are planning a wedding or a bachelor/bachelorette party in Dubai, we’ll always be able to help transform your day into the one you will never forget. Do not hesitate to contact us.