FAQ About Wedding Planning in Dubai

Updated on Monday 12th December 2016

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FAQ about Wedding Planning in DubaiPlanning a wedding in Dubai can be a pleasant task if you ask for proper help and guidance. Requesting the services of a Dubai wedding planner could also ease many of the choices you need to make related to the venue, caterers or band. You can also turn to your wedding planner anytime you have a question, and be sure you will have a lot of questions throughout the whole planning process. In order to help you, we have put together a list with the most frequently asked questions our wedding event planners in Dubai receive.


1. Why hire a wedding planner in Dubai?

Many couples have no idea how to start and plan a wedding. This is where the wedding planner in Dubai enters the stage. He can help you create a budgetselect the vendors, recommend some menus and make a timeline for your wedding in Dubai. Our wedding planner will guide you the entire arrangement, considering all your ideas and visions.

2. What kind of wedding should I choose?

You can have a small wedding, you can plan a large wedding in Dubai and you can receive suitable information if you wish a certain wedding theme. Our wedding planners in Dubai can suggest you create a vintage wedding in Dubai or a beautiful ceremony down the beach. When the budget is settled, you may start organizing any type of wedding you might want. If the couples are happy and pleased, then our mission will be accomplished.

3. How do I choose the caterer in Dubai?

wedding in Dubai needs to impress with elegance, style, and good taste, therefore, the menus need to be outstanding. The wedding event planner can provide you with a list of caterers in Dubai and can schedule some appointments, in order to set up the menus, the dishes, and the table arrangements. You may also ask details about the type of wedding cake you wish or about how to create a candy buffet for your wedding.

4. What costs involves hiring a wedding planner in Dubai?

Our services have fixed prices, no matter your budget or the type of wedding you choose. You have the possibility to be charged per hour or you can receive a specific price for the entire wedding planning package in Dubai.


5. When do I start to plan the wedding in Dubai?

From our experience, we can say that planning a wedding in Dubai can start within 12, 6 or 3 months before the big event. The entire planning will respect the schedule and no worries should interfere. You’ll just have to search for the perfect wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, wedding invitations and other important items. Our main purpose is to ease the entire preparation, in order for you to not get overwhelmed. Simple as that!
Do you have any questions for us? Then you are invited to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai.