Floral Decor for Your Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 25th August 2016

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Your wedding ceremony is about revealing your own style and creating a party that no one will ever forget. There's no other way to make a style statement than with your centerpieces. And that because they are one of the primary things invitees will remark when they walk into the ballroom. Our wedding planners in Dubai are ready to present you the trends in this area and can help you choose the proper floral decor for your wedding ceremony.


Choosing the finest floral decor for your wedding in Dubai

Here are some beautiful floral arrangements you can take into consideration when establishing your wedding theme in Dubai:

1. Natural shapes
Whether it's a wildflower kind of arrangement or  less symmetrical, this trend comes down to one thing: loosening up The great news is that this trend is proper for any wedding type. For a contemporary wedding you can ask for vases filled with asymmetrical bunches of gladiolus or French tulips.

2. Daring Color
Glowingly colored serviettes and table linens are used to show even brighter the floral decor at your wedding. Hot jewel tones like magenta, peacock blue, royal purple or persimmon will give you a luxurious appearance, particularly when related with bold blooms like yellow gerbera, orange dahlias, daisies or purple orchids.

3. Classic Twist
Instead of old-fashioned red roses, distinctive variations on standard flowers are now bursting up on ceremonies tables. Although phalaenopsis orchids are constantly popular, Mokara orchids are now on the bridal radar because they grow in all different directions and they make a filled stalk of blooms, meaning you will need less flowers of this kind to fill out your centerpieces

4. Mixing it up
Although monochromatic aspects are still trendy, couples in search of a suitable floral decor have been changing things a bit. Going with three type-centerpieces is in big style now and you can have half of the reception tables with large centerpieces, made with flowers in all three colors, while the other half can hold trios of mini arrangements, one in each color.

Five tips for your floral decor wedding in Dubai

1. With the help of our wedding event planner in Dubai, couples should start the process of reserving vendors by speaking to one vendor from each category before choosing anyone. This way you can get an idea about the costs and of course about the appearance.

2. When meeting the wedding planner in Dubai you can bring lots of photos because it will be the proper way to explain how the floral design should look like at your wedding ceremony.

3. Flowers are a great place to select an accent color. For example, a lime green in contrast to a lavender dress will bring out the best in both colors and you can have wonderful wedding photos.

4. Choosing extremely aromatic flowers for centerpieces may sound like a wonderfully romantic idea, but it will drive your guests crazy if they are disposed to allergies. For highly aromatic floral decors you should stick to your bridal bouquet and the altar preparations.

5. Everyone loves hydrangeas, particularly in bouquets. However, hydrangeas need to stay hydrated, and the regular lifetime out of water in temperate situations is about three hours. They might not even make it through your wedding ceremony if you're out all day taking photos.

For any other information and guidance regarding your floral decor, please feel free to contact our wedding planners in Dubai.


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