Floral Decor for Your Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 30th July 2017

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The flowers are the main choices of a future bride in search of decorating the wedding venue in a distinct way. It is well-known that flowers can change the entire room and also the mood, therefore, it is recommended to look for a floral designer who can offer information about the latest trends regarding the way your big event can be properly decorated with stunning and yet classic floral decors. Our wedding event planners in Dubai are more than pleased to provide you with guidance in this matter and to help you with a list of florists who can transform your wedding ballroom into a fairy tale decor.

Stick to the classic and add a little sparkle to the flowers of the season

Planning a wedding in Dubai comes with numerous ideas and visions, which should be guided with the help of specialists in this field. The floral arrangements are the irresistible pieces which will be instantly admired by your guests and are the suitable welcome method as soon as you make the big entrance. If you want to remain to the classic floral decors, it is recommended to choose the flowers of the season. The spring comes with varied offers which can help you create the floral arrangements, with items like:

•    beautiful daffodils;
•    garden red tulips;
•    delicate lilies;
•    countryside wildflowers to add a special look.

These gorgeous flowers can be part of your overall floral arrangement and can also be excellent options for your centerpieces, but with the recommendation to arrange them in China porcelain vases, for a touch of uniqueness. Having other thoughts and ideas? Let our wedding planner in Dubai take care of your utmost requirements while you focus your attention on other items for your wedding in Dubai.

Express your style with special centerpieces for your wedding in Dubai

The centerpieces decorate the guests’ tables and can be created in a unique manner, giving the decorator the chance to express his/her visions. As a recommendation, the floral decor for the groom’s wedding table can be different from the others placed on the wedding guests’ table. For example, you can choose a vintage small bird cage, decorated with light-pink roses, delicate lace around them, and small pieces of jewels like white gems. As for the wedding table centerpieces, you can choose small vases with blooming white and pink roses to match your entire decor. This kind of arrangement can be suitable for both small or large weddings in Dubai.

Tips to choose the perfect floral decor for your wedding in Dubai

As a first tip, brides are suggested to choose the wedding dress before deciding for the floral arrangements. Once you have decided for a floral designer, it is time to share your thoughts on a piece of paper by adding the flowers you like most, in the first place. Consider that once you decide for the floral arrangements, you can also create the wedding bouquet. Furthermore, we have gathered a few tips to keep in mind when starting to plan the floral decor for your wedding in Dubai:
write down a list of the flowers you love the most;
make some research and see the latest trends presented in profile magazines;
don’t forget the internet, it is a great source of inspiration;
talk to your chosen florist and see what he/she can provide with the flowers (wraps, vases, bows, etc.);
make sure to match your floral arrangement with your wedding dress, bridesmaids' flower bouquets, boutonnieres and any important item;
match the colors of the flowers to your wedding theme;
choose the design style according to the type of wedding (romantic, traditional, oriental, modern).

We invite you to watch our video regarding the floral decor for your wedding in Dubai

Would you like some more information about the floral decor for your wedding in Dubai? Please feel free to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai for details and any other wedding planning services in Dubai.