Honeymoon Arrangements

Updated on Saturday 26th August 2017

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The honeymoon arrangements can be a fun task for two, where the future husband and wife can agree on a preferred relaxation destination after their exquisite wedding in Dubai. With suitable help and guidance from our wedding event planner in Dubai, your honeymoon can be above expectations, if a few important tips are considered. Besides that, our team can help you organize your wedding in Dubai by easing several important tasks related to your special event.

Set up a budget and explore the opportunities

A honeymoon represents the most romantic moments for two, that special time where memories are created in a very special place around the world. Once you have decided on a budget, it is time to write down the names of the destinations you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it is an exotic place, with white and soft sandy beaches, accompanied by coconut trees and turquoise waters, or rocky mountains in a country you’ve always dreamed of if you are in search of an adventure, your honeymoon needs to be special and should meet all your desires. Have no second thoughts, create your budget and decide on a special destination you both agree. Our wedding planners in Dubai can make the arrangements in this matter, by giving full support in each step of your special vacation.

Prepare your travel documents

Considering the date you wish to fly away to your preferred honeymoon destination, make sure your passports are up to date and see if certain visas are required. Women can use their valid identification cards or can change their documents before the honeymoon if the arrangements are not planned right after the wedding in Dubai took place.

Book the hotel and buy the plane tickets

Once decided upon a honeymoon destination, it is time to hunt for plane tickets and a hotel room. For a certain budget, you can select special resorts where you can enjoy some spa moments for two and great honeymoon rooms with stunning views and varied services included. Breakfast on the beach, private places for newly-weds, exotic treats and much more can be part of your special honeymoon, whether it is in Dubai or in another corner of the world. With champagne on ice, sea fruits and great moments under the sun, your exclusive honeymoon will generate incredible moments and sensational memories which can last a lifetime.

We have prepared a video about how to plan a honeymoon and the tips to consider: 

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