How to Choose a Ballroom for Your Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Sunday 12th March 2017

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How to Choose a Ballroom for Your Wedding in Dubai Image
Glamor, extravagance, deluxe and opulence are the main features that describe best the wedding venues in Dubai. If you plan a wedding in Dubai and you are searching for the wow-factor related to the ballroom, we invite you to solicit guidance and recommendations from our wedding event planner in Dubai who has a vast experience in this area and can provide you with a list of ballrooms available for your event.

A wedding ballroom in Dubai needs to be spacious

A large wedding in Dubai requires enough space for the reception, especially if we are talking about 200 or 300 people or even more. It is recommended to analyze the offers and to talk to the managers about your intentions and visions related to the ballroom. For an unforgettable event and memories for a lifetime, you can choose a grand ballroom that can be customized according to your wedding theme, table arrangement ideas, and decorations.

A wedding ballroom in Dubai is a place for dining, for dancing and for lots of fun, especially if the event numbers lots of guests. Make sure to ask for natural light, ornaments according to your requests and a stunning background for exquisite photos. And if this is not enough, you can also make some research online and see how others have chosen beautiful wedding ballrooms for imposing events in Dubai.

Beach front ballroom? Yes, please!

Dubai is extremely attractive and there are numerous resorts with all-inclusive offers and special wedding packages. You can choose to have the isle down the beach, decorated with rose gold or copper items, perfectly matched with peonies, dahlias, lilies or freesias. As for the ballroom, it must continue with the same line, with the mention that that view must be absolutely gorgeous; the Arabian Gulf in the background, while you are having fun with your friends at your wedding in Dubai. Such ballroom can be created right on the beach, with silk veil instead of windows. And don’t worry about the weather, it is perfect in months like October, November, December, January, February, March, April and May.

While searching for the perfect wedding dress, shoes, caterers, photographers and other significant items for your special event, we remind that you can rely on our wedding planner in Dubai who can help you select the proper ballroom for your reception.

Luxurious ballrooms, luxurious weddings in Dubai

Once you have settled the wedding date in Dubai, it is recommended to search for the proper venue, of course, having in mind the number of expected invitees. This is a special thing to consider because you wouldn’t want a crowded but luxurious place. Special events require special locations, where you can add the Arabian opulence, which involves incredible decorations and architecture. A crystal chandelier will be an excellent choice for your imposing ballroom in Dubai, which can be tailored with the chosen decorations.

Please feel free to contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai for extra information and guidance when choosing the ballroom for your wedding in Dubai.