How to Choose the Bridal Bouquet

Updated on Wednesday 26th April 2017

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The wedding dress is ready, the venue is amazing, the shoes are ready, but what about the bridal bouquet? If you have special requests or all kinds of ideas about how the wedding bouquet should look like, our wedding event planner in Dubai can help you turn your visions and imagination into reality, with a little bit of creativity. From special and delicate flowers to expensive jewelry, a bridal bouquet can be unique and can match any particular taste. 

Tips on how to select your bridal bouquet 

The wedding bouquet finishes the immaculate image of any bride, an accessory which needs to be perfect from the moment you see it. If you want to choose the bridal bouquet, it is best to buy the wedding dress first, in order to perfectly match the two important pieces. The color, the texture and the materials of your wedding dress can be met on the bridal bouquet. If you have a florist, it is recommended to show a picture of your outfit, so he /she can start creating the bouquet. For instance, if you have a delicate lace dress with empty shoulders, it is recommended to have a colorful waterfall bouquet made of delicate summer flowers like wild nude roses, morning glories, lilies, peonies or plumeria. As an extra tip, brides need to follow the rule which says a bridal bouquet needs to match the waist, no bigger and no larger than that. 

The vintage dresses require in most times a special bridal bouquet which can be entirely created with jewelry instead of flowers. Bright crystals, pearls, and gemstones that match the color of the wedding dress can be placed together in an exclusive bouquet, not very big and not that heavy. Such beautiful and special wedding bouquet can be the masterpiece of your outfit without having to add extra accessories like large earrings or necklaces. All brides need to wear something old on their wedding day, so why not add a vintage brooch to your wedding bouquet. A grandmother or a mother can help you in this matter, so don’t hesitate to communicate your ideas. If you want a list of suppliers or florist who can create your bridal bouquet in a unique way, you can get in touch with our wedding planner in Dubai

Trends for bridal bouquets in 2017

Haven’t decided yet on the type of bridal bouquet you would like to have at your wedding in Dubai? Here are some ideas which align with the trends of this year, as all designers recommend:

    fresh garden flowers are top choices for most bridal bouquets this year;
    green is the color of the year, which can be perfectly matched with tulip bouquets;
    choose colorful bridal bouquets and put the accent on red rose tones as much as possible;
    if you choose a luxurious wedding in Dubai, with sparkling decorations, you can choose a bouquet of flowers and delicate jewels;
    strong architectural leaves can be part of your wedding bouquet;
    if you like summer roses, choose a bridal bouquet entirely made of scented and delicate roses.

The bride is the one who takes the final decision about the bridal bouquet, but with a little but important help from our team of wedding event planners in Dubai, she can choose the perfect item for her special event. Please feel free to contact us for recommendations and for wedding planning services in Dubai.