How to Choose the Caterers for your Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 06th September 2016

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How to Choose the Caterers for your Wedding in Dubai Image
Finding the proper caterer for your wedding in Dubai can be an easy task, if you start searching in time and you make a list with all your ideas. And our wedding event planners in Dubai are ready to give you proper help and recommendations, in order to impress your guests with refined and delightful menus. We can also offer you a list with important catering services in the city, so you can make the right decision in such a significant stage of your wedding preparations in Dubai.

Important tips when you search for the right caterer in Dubai 

As we all know, the food is one of the most important parts in a wedding, and it is recommended to choose wisely your caterer in Dubai, by making sure you communicate every detail or aspect about this type of service. You can easily make an internet research and start looking for information, photos, feedback and details regarding recent wedding ceremonies and catering services. In this situation, many forums can offer lots of tips, ideas and great info. Make sure to ask your friends or colleagues about recent events they’ve attended and if they served some special menus. If you have chosen the favorite catering firm, it is time to have a face to face discussion. Be ready and ask all the important questions about the menus, the beverages, if they are available on your wedding day, how much money a menu costs and if they can deal with the number of invitees at your wedding in Dubai.

Before having the important meeting with the caterer in Dubai, make sure to plan the budget for this type of service. This way you will know exactly what menus to choose and how much money you will spend.  The wedding planners in Dubai will help and guide you in every stage of this delicate and important task. Take into consideration that there is a chance to have guests with all sorts of allergies. In this situation, you should ask the catering firm manager if he can offer specific menus, in order to avoid any medical problem at your wedding in Dubai.

The main courses at your wedding in Dubai

Usually, all weddings serve traditional menus that include the well-known three courses: the starters, the main dish and the second dish. You can add also the wedding cake, if your chosen catering firm offers this option.

The starters or the appetizers are the first dishes served at a wedding, and they can be extremely sophisticated. Your guests can be enchanted with delicious cheese and caviar, perfectly combined with refined champagne or white wine.

The main dish has to amaze all your wedding guests and must express your good taste and cuisine knowledge. You won’t regret if you choose special menus inspired from the European or the Mediterranean cuisine. If you are having a traditional wedding in Dubai, you can choose the Arabic gastronomy, a well-known cuisine that perfectly mixes the spices, the scents, the vegetables, the meat and the fruits.

The second dish is usually a traditional meal from the brides’ or the grooms’ home country, and has the same significance as the previous dishes. If you are having a great chef, you will definitely impress your wedding guests with this special course. Don’t forget to tell every detail or ideas about how to serve this significant dish. Our Dubai wedding planner recommends you to ask the caterer if you can bring your own drinks, and if you can arrange an open bar at your wedding reception

If you need extra information about how to choose the caterers for your wedding in Dubai, or if you need wedding planning services, please feel free to contact our wedding planners in Dubai.