How to Choose the Hotel for Your Guests in Dubai

Updated on Monday 20th March 2017

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How to Choose the Hotel for Your Guests in Dubai Image
Having a large wedding in Dubai is for sure an exciting idea, but how to organize it with your guests from overseas?  Our wedding event planner in Dubai recommends you to book in time some hotel rooms, preferably as close to your chosen wedding venue in Dubai. We can help you chose the hotel according to your preferences and wedding budget, so let us guide you in this matter, for you to take care of other important aspects related to your event.

What to consider when choosing the hotel for your wedding guests in Dubai?

Once you have decided on your wedding venue in Dubai and received the invitees' confirmations, it is time to book some hotel rooms. But first, you might want to review your guests list and see how many people come from outside Dubai. Most couples prefer to have their friends and family close to them or close to the wedding place in Dubai, for an easy transportation, without having to drive miles away. And after the party is over, your invitees can get straight to the hotel, with just a simple walk. Our wedding planners in Dubai are ready to provide with a list of accommodations and can help you make the hotel reservations in time.

Before arranging anything, you must get info about the payment, the facilities, and other available options, for you to choose what’s best for your wedding companions. It is good to know that most hotels in Dubai offer incredible discounts for a minimum of ten booked rooms, and also for an advanced payment. Check the policies and the terms before booking the hotel rooms.

Want to impress your guests? Add some deluxe facilities

Friends and family members usually arrive within one or two days before the special wedding in Dubai, plenty of time to offer them some special moments while in the city. Most hotels in Dubai offer spa sessions, sauna, and sports activities, perfect ways of relaxation before attending to the important event. And if you want to entertain your guests in Dubai, the city has numerous offers ready to be discovered: Dubai Marina Beach, Dubai fountains, boat tours or safari in Dubai. 

Get in touch with our team of wedding planners in Dubai for extra info and details about how to choose the hotel for your guests in Dubai.