How to Choose the Wedding Rings

Updated on Friday 02nd December 2016

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Choosing the wedding rings has extreme significance and it is a major task you should consider when planning the wedding in Dubai. Besides the emotional charge involved, the wedding rings are the symbol of the eternal love between a wife and a husband, and a special attention should be paid when choosing them. Our wedding event planners in Dubai can provide you with recommendations and also a list of jewelry shops in Dubai, where you can find the perfect wedding rings that will last a lifetime, like the wedding memories.

Choose the precious metal and the model of the wedding rings

Searching for the perfect wedding ring is not a difficult thing to do because future brides and grooms can choose customized bands according to their visions, taste, and ideas. The bride wedding ring may be a little bit different and there are so many options to consider, such as:

•    add a small and beautiful sapphire for a touch of romance and luxury;
•    choose the white gold or platinum if you wish to match the engagement ring;
•    engrave the wedding date and the name on your wedding ring;
•    avoid silver because is not a durable metal.

Buying the wedding rings is a special moment for a couple, therefore, you should make some online research in order to see the trends, the prices and also suggestions and reviews. The wedding planner in Dubai can make recommendations about how to choose the wedding rings and what things you should consider when purchasing such significant items. And for of touch of uniqueness, you can record “I Do” and engrave the waves of your voice on the wedding rings.

Tips to choose the wedding rings in Dubai

If you have decided to get married and started to plan the wedding in Dubai, don’t forget to buy the wedding rings with three months before the event. If you would like to add some special features, it is recommended to plan in time and to preorder the wedding rings with about 5 months ahead. Your jeweler needs to know all the details before he starts creating the personalized wedding rings, and here we remind a few things:

•    choose the profile ring: flat on the inside and on the outside, or D-shaped on the outside;
•    choose the metal: rose gold, white gold or platinum;
•    provide the jeweler details about the names and the wedding date;
•    choose the diamond, sapphire, emerald or crystal you wish to add on the brides’ wedding ring.

If you are looking for unique wedding rings to match your feelings and ideas, you may contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai.