How to Choose Your Best Man

Updated on Wednesday 28th September 2016

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Choosing the best man for your wedding in Dubai might seem an easy task, but is definitely an important decision. You need to agree upon the real qualities a best man can show at your exclusive event. Our wedding event planners in Dubai can provide you with guidance and recommendations in this matter, besides offering suitable wedding planning services.


Searching the best man for your wedding in Dubai

Planning a wedding in Dubai implies specific duties that can involve your best man, such as creating the bachelor party, searching for wedding outfit or rings and also taking care of the last things to do on the wedding day. First of all, you should do some research among close friends, in order to see which one can perfectly accomplish all the tasks. Definitely, the best man for your wedding in Dubai needs to be a reliable and trustworthy person, that won’t let you down when preparing the major event.

Many people choose a childhood friend or a high school colleague as a best man, because he is the one who knows the groom and the one who can properly communicate and give recommendations on the groom’s plans, visions and ideas. If you have a brother, you can also consider him as an excellent candidate for the best man position at your Dubai wedding. No matter the decision you take, a best man will definitely be on your side when deciding to get married and planning the big event. If you cannot agree upon which friend is suitable as a best man, you can definitely create a group of best friends that can transform into great helpers who can take care of details regarding the wedding reception or wedding venue in Dubai.

The wedding planner in Dubai can help you with many recommendations and assistance about any plans and ideas you might have when creating the moment of a life time.

What can a best man do for your wedding in Dubai?

A best man has certain duties regarding the wedding and he will absolutely offer the needed help.  As a reminder, here are the main tasks a best man has to take care of: 

•    he can be in charge with the bachelor party;
•    he can make the payments to the selected contractors, if necessary;
•    he can welcome the guests when the party starts;
•    the best man will offer the wedding rings at the right moment;
•    the best man can be in charge with wedding day schedule.

You are invited to contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai, if you need extra information and recommendations about how to choose the best man for your wedding.