How to Choose your Wedding Dress

Updated on Thursday 25th August 2016

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Wedding planning can be a thrilling time and a chance to visualize all your desires for the one and only beautiful day. The wedding dress is the most significant item you will ever choose and every bride wants to make sure that she will be a vision of beauty on her special day. The proper method to choose the perfect wedding dress is to try on as many diverse styles and alternatives as you can, without avoiding your own ideas and personal style.

Our wedding planner in Dubai can help you develop and organize your wedding day in the city. As a recommendation, you should take the time to choose the proper wedding dress that will fit your dreams, décor and ideas.

The right wedding dress

The perfect wedding dress is the one that looks exactly the way you’ve always dreamed of and the one that matches your silhouette. A common rule is to select a dress that will help you highlight your beautiful qualities and somehow hide your less-favourite parts. Wedding dresses are intended to match the needs of five body types, such as petite, hourglass, plus size or busty. 

On the other hand, most women cannot fit flawlessly within one of the types mentioned above and will need to find a dress that harmonizes with their sole silhouette. As a reminder or friendly advice, every bride-to-be needs to be calm when trying on different wedding dresses. Although you may have a clear picture of what the perfect dress looks like, it is also recommended to keep an open mind and try other styles that you wouldn’t have reflected in the first place. 

Guidelines for choosing the wedding dress

This isn’t a marathon, so please don't rush when dealing with an important piece like this one. You should not suspend trying on your wedding dress until one month before the big ceremony. You can also search for dresses early on and meet a designer to talk about a custom wedding dress, according to your silhouette, demands and ideas.

If possible, try planning your wedding dress appointments early in the morning, because you are not tired and the shops won’t be crowded. Another brilliant idea is to take a few photos if the store lets you to. This way, after a fruitful try-on day you can look back on your existing selections. 

Your dress will be the center of attention and that is why you should choose wisely your accessories. They play a significant part and they will complete your beautiful wedding look. This is why our wedding planners in Dubai can help you select the proper accessories. If you want to wear a tiara and a veil, our wedding planners in Dubai can take care of these items also. 

Please feel free to contact our wedding event planner in Dubai if you need extra details about how to choose your wedding dress.