How to Choose Your Wedding Officiant

Updated on Friday 02nd December 2016

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When planning a wedding in Dubai and searching for the perfect wedding dress, jewelry, shoes, caterers and photographers make sure to search for the officiant of the ceremony. This is also an important step when preparing the special event, therefore, you can obtain help, guidance, and information about how to choose the wedding officiant from our wedding event planner in Dubai.

What to ask when you search for the proper officiant in Dubai

It is recommended to consider and to understand the laws related to the marriage ceremony in a particular country or city. If you are planning a wedding in Dubai, then you need to decide with your partner about the officiant you wish to have on your special day. You might also want to write down these questions before any scheduled meeting:

•    what should I choose: a civil wedding or a religious one?
•    can I choose an officiant I know from the childhood?
•    does the officiant come to the wedding rehearsal?
•    can he write the vows?
•    where do I see his work?

Take into consideration that for a non-religious marriage you can hire an officiant who doesn’t have any relations with religious institutes or organizations. Our wedding planners in Dubai can provide you with a list of available officiants in the city and can also book some appointments, in order to see, meet, and choose what’s best for you and your spouse. The wedding planning services we offer can be the perfect option if you have decided to get married in Dubai and you want to hire an officiant.

Essential tips to choose a great officiant for your Dubai wedding

As we know, many businesses in this domain have websites with updated information where you can see different officiants and their work. If the calm, the voice, the attitude or the presence will impress you, then you should write the name on the list and also schedule a meeting. The emotional charge of such event is also offered by the officiant at your wedding in Dubai, so you should definitely do a proper search before any selection. Your peace and relaxation at the wedding are essential aspects you should take into consideration before making any selection. You can find excellent reviews on the internet and you can also ask for a sample before you meet any officiant and set up the details.

Many people choose to settle the vows and to say “I Do” in Dubai, the city that offers amazing experiences no matter what you do, and for that reason, you should start looking for your officiant with 6 months ahead and check his availability for your ceremony. Different venues in Dubai offer special packages with the officiant services included, for a certain price. Make sure to ask the venue manager if such offer is available.

And for additional information about how to choose your wedding officiant in Dubai, you are invited to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai.