How to Make a Timeline for Your Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Monday 21st November 2016

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How to Make a Timeline for Your Wedding in Dubai Image
The big question popped-up, you said yes and then you started to feel the excitement and the thrill only thinking of how everything will be at your wedding in Dubai. There are so many things to do, and a proper timeline for your wedding is quite recommended, in order to have a little bit of control and to enjoy the special day of your life. Our wedding event planner in Dubai is more than ready to offer you details and guidelines about how to make a timeline for your wedding in the city.

1. Choose the date, choose the wedding dress

Usually, the couples are taking 12 months to plan the wedding, to make some research and appointments. But with the help of our wedding planners, you can create your special event in only six or three months. From the beginning you should choose the date you wish to get married, taking into consideration the time of the year and if your friends and family will be available for your big event. Start looking for your wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, and groom’s outfit. This is the fun part!

2. Choose the wedding venue and the caterers in Dubai

When searching for the perfect wedding dress, make time and book some appointments with some venue managers and see what they can offer. Before you do that, make sure to write down your ideas about the wedding theme, table arrangements, dance floor and buffet, if you wish one. Most people choose a fall wedding in Dubai when the temperature is not that high. A beach wedding can be created in the first months of the year or even in September when people are not that busy. The wedding planner can also recommend you some great caterers in Dubai, with the possibility of tasting or creating the menus according to your ideas.You can also choose the wedding cake. You should start as soon as you set the wedding date.

3. Create the invitations for your wedding in Dubai

The wedding planners in Dubai can offer you some suggestion about how to create the wedding invitations and can provide a list of contractors. But you can also use your imagination and create them in a funny way to impress your guests with your sense of humor. If you have set the design, you can order them online with six months before the wedding.

4. Choose the makeup artist for your wedding in Dubai

With five months before the wedding, you can search for a makeup artist after a proper analysis via the internet where you can choose some ideas. As a recommendation, you might want to avoid smokey eyes for your wedding and you might like the natural look with a red-hot lipstick for a touch of romance. Don’t forget to book some trials to see what fits you most. This is also available for your hair.

5. Send the wedding invitations

With four months before the wedding, you can send the wedding invitations, in order to make the big announcement and to prepare the friends for the big event. It is recommended to ask for a response, in order to plan and to arrange the last details with the chosen venue in Dubai. If you wish a small wedding in Dubai, with about 40 or 50 people, make sure to add the closest friends and family members. For a large wedding in Dubai with about 200 invitees, you might want to double check the guest list before you send the invitations, to make sure you haven’t forgotten someone.

6. Check the wedding outfit

The last adjustments for your wedding dress and the groom’s outfit can be made with about two months before the big event. The dress has to fit, so should the other accessories, regarding the length, the fabrics, and the colors. If you change your mind about something, now is the time to make some modifications, in order to avoid the stress from the last moments.

7. Have some time for yourself  

A bride needs to shine from head to toe when walking down the aisle, therefore, some spa sessions, manicure, pedicure and beauty treatments are recommended two months before the wedding. You can also try some wedding manicure to see what you would like most and what would make you feel pretty. The manicure and the pedicure for the big day need to be done in the last week, so don’t forget to schedule them. There are so many luxurious spa centers in Dubai, and the wedding planner can help you in this matter, for you to feel beautiful and astonishing for your Dubai wedding.

8. Enjoy the wedding in Dubai

This is it, the big day has come! It is true, the day starts quite early and ends up late in the night. Below you will find the timeline for your wedding day in Dubai, considering the important aspects of such overwhelming but memorable day:

09:00 AM – Rise and shine, it is time to get yourself a makeup and get the hair done;
11:00 AM – It is time to dress and impress! Your mother will be definitely proud and emotional;
13:00 PM – You and your husband-to-be are ready to meet the guests and to attend the church ceremony;
13:30 PM – You can make some wedding photos with family and friends before the religious ceremony;
14:00 PM – Everyone is invited to join the beautiful ceremony and to share emotional moments with the grooms;
15:00 PM - The vendors are setting up the last details at the venue;
15:30 PM – It is time do make another photo session as husband and wife in the established area, park or simple open air;
17:00 PM - The wedding reception can begin, you can welcome the guests and drink some champagne;
18:00 PM - The guests are in the right places, the starters can be served;
19:00 PM - You and your guests can enjoy a great atmosphere and good food;
19:30 PM – It is time to make some toasts for the newlyweds;
20:00 PM – Let there be emotions, let the first dance begin!
20:15 PM – Everyone is invited on the dance floor beside the happy grooms;
20:30 PM - The sun is almost set, you can enjoy another beautiful photo session;
21:00 PM – The second course can now be served;
22:00 PM – Talk to the guests and see how they feel. And don’t stop dancing!
22:30 PM – Invitees can make short toasts for the bride and the groom;
23:00 PM – The last course can be served, people can still enjoy the great atmosphere, you and your groom can continue the fun;
00:00 AM – It is time to cut the wedding cake, an emotional moment everyone expects;
00:30 AM – The cake can be served to your guests;
01:00 AM – Don’t stop the party! Enjoy the special wedding day!
03:00 AM -  The party goes on, have fun and enjoy the wedding!

This how your wedding timeline should look like, and remember, you can dance until the morning dawn, without restrictions, just fun, and lots of a good time.
Having a wedding in Dubai is the most beautiful thing you can plan, therefore, additional details, guideline, and recommendations about how to make the timeline or about the wedding planning services can be found if you contact our wedding planners in Dubai.