How to Make the Guests List for Your Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Saturday 10th September 2016

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How to Make the Guests List for Your Wedding in Dubai Image
Preparing the guest list for your wedding in Dubai can be a fun moment for many couples. All friends and family members must be carefully arranged on your guests list, so make sure you are 100% certain of your selection. Our wedding planners in Dubai are happy to help you create the important guests list for your exclusive wedding in Dubai.


Essential details for a perfect guest list

Usually, couples choose to arrange the guests list after they set up the wedding date in Dubai, and also the budget. It is time to see what friends you should invite, besides the family members, and for a proper selection you should start writing down some names. Take into consideration that you should properly manage the number of guests, if you don’t want to go above your wedding budget. First of all, decide if you wish an intimate ceremony, with only 50 invitees, or a fabulous wedding with more than 200 persons.

You can divide the guests list for your wedding in Dubai using keywords like, must invite, should invite and could invite. This way you will definitely know the friends you would like to have fun with, at your special wedding ceremony. Family, friends, important relationships and professional friends are categories that you should consider when you create the guests list for your wedding.

The Dubai wedding planners will help you with guidance and assistance every step of this delicate process of making the guests list. It is recommended to avoid acquaintances who might change the entire atmosphere at your ceremony in Dubai. After deciding which friends and family members will come to your wedding, you ask for advice from your parents regarding the budget for the menus. If the wedding guests list is ready, this a a great moment to talk about it with the family, in order to have a settled plan and no other worries.

Don’t forget to create a backup plan for your wedding guests list

As we all know, the guests list will differ from the actually number of the invitees at your wedding ceremony in Dubai. You can invite 150 friends and you can also have the surprise to welcome 180 persons on your special day, or less. After you have prepared the guests list and sent the wedding invitations, you should start calling everyone, in order to adjust the register. It might be possible to talk to your caterers in Dubai to prepare extra menus for extra invitees.

The guests list must contain all persons you wish to have in a special day like this. Make sure to verify twice and to add notes if necessary. The wedding event planners in Dubai can help you create a perfect guests register for your exquisite ceremony in Dubai and they will take into account all the information and ideas you provide.

You are invited to contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai, if you have questions about how to make the guests list for your wedding in Dubai.