How to Organize a Large Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Friday 25th November 2016

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Planning a large wedding in Dubai may seem a difficult task, but if you consider a proper timeline and the recommendations of our wedding event planner, you can enjoy the best day of your life. Usually, for this type of event, the newlyweds agree to invite about 200 or 300 people, therefore, a special attention needs to be paid when creating the wedding guests list. In this article, we propose to guide you in this outstanding event and to make things as easy as possible.

Choose the proper venue for a large wedding in Dubai

If you have decided to get married in Dubai, then you should expect luxury, opulence, and amazing services. Places like Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah or Atlantis the Palm are among preferred deluxe venues to have a large and exclusive wedding and are on top list suggestions from our planners in Dubai. Many VIPs, like football players or movie stars, have chosen to say the unique vows in a special and beautiful city like Dubai.
The qualified personnel can provide you with essential details about the table arrangement, wedding theme, wedding reception preparation, and timeline. Our Dubai wedding planners can schedule some meetings with the managers, in order to explain your visions and ideas about your special day in the city. Most venues can offer a personalized menu if a particular budget is mentioned. Make sure to ask details about the capacity of the venue and about the possibility to create extra menus for extra guests. As a recommendation, you can also choose to have a special lounge or room for cocktails, buffet or candy bar, in order to avoid crowdedness. Related to the served courses, you should know from the beginning that for a large wedding, the service will take a little bit more time. Your caterer can help in this matter and can provide you with more personnel, so you can relax and enjoy the evening with friends and family without worried about this aspect.

The wedding invitations for a large wedding in Dubai

First of all, the guests list needs to be arranged in different categories, such as close friends, family members, colleagues, acquaintances or associates. If you have gathered about 250 or 300 people, then it is time to create the wedding invitations and to send them with five or even six months before the wedding in Dubai. You can impress everyone with a special style for a wedding invitation of such amplitude. There are certain guidelines you need to consider, like:

•    mention the date and the venue;
•    write a few details about the reception and about the dress code if you have one;
•    add short and important details about the room reservation for overseas friends;
•    don’t forget to ask for a response in a proper time.

Our wedding planners can offer you a list of contractors in Dubai who can create amazing wedding invitations, where you can add a touch of your personal style and design.

The timeline for a large wedding in Dubai

A large wedding in Dubai is still a fun day, with beautiful and exclusive moments. You don’t have to impose special rules, but you can create a timeline in order to respect as much as you can the main features and to please everyone as much as possible. We have gathered the essential steps for your big wedding in Dubai and this is how our suggestion of a wedding timeline looks like:

08-10 AM – The bride needs to prepare for the makeup and for the hair sessions;
10-12 PM – It is time to try the dress and to feel special. This is available for the groom also;
12-13 PM – The wedding ceremony is about to begin, it is time to meet the guests and to have a photo session;
13-14 PM – This is the ceremony start, everyone is watching you, don’t get overwhelmed;
14:00 PM – The vendors are making the final arrangements;
14-15 PM – The church ceremony has ended, it is time for a new photo session as husband and wife;
15-16 PM – You may ask for a little time and enjoy the beautiful Dubai on your way to the venue;
16-18 PM – People are arriving at the venue, you may now welcome them with fine champagne. The reception begins;
18-19 PM – People are in the right places, the starters can be served;
19-20 PM – This is the first moment of true romance: the first dance. Enjoy and let there be love!
20-21 PM – Guests are invited to serve the first dish. Meanwhile, the bride and the groom need to have small talks and to enjoy the fun with friends.
21-22 PM – Among fun, you can also make photos with your friends and family, and then offer them as gifts, with some special photo frames;
22-23 PM – It is time for the second course, almost everyone sits and relaxes with good food and music;
23-00 AM – The dance floor is still an invitation to dance, so enjoy your evening and have fun with friends and family;
00-01 AM – You may now cut the wedding cake! Quite emotional!
01-02 AM – There are cocktails, candy bar full of treats and there is music! Everyone feel fine! Enjoy the special night;
02-03 AM – For fun moments there will always be the selfies. With your husband, with your friends, with your father, if you wish! Don’t stop the party!
03-05 AM – You can dance all night, you can still have fun late in the night because it’s your special day. Make the most of it!

A large wedding in Dubai is all about a great time with lots of friends and excellent moments, so if you have any other questions about how to create such event, you are invited to contact our team of wedding planners in Dubai.