How to Plan a Small Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 23rd November 2016

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There are brides who consider a big wedding with more than 200 guests might be everything they dreamed of. But there are so many people who wish to plan small weddings, with close friends and family members and a fairytale background that can transmit intimacy and romance. Our wedding event planner in Dubai is ready to offer you details and recommendations if you choose to have a small wedding in Dubai, with about 50 or 60 invitees and a suitable budget.

An intimate and small wedding in Dubai can make a bride happy

It is true, planning a wedding can be quite overwhelming, but if you consider arranging a small wedding in Dubai, things can be a little bit different and soon we will tell you why. First of all, you should relax, sit down and start creating the guests list. This is a moment for two, you and your husband-to-be. Together you can decide who is impetuous to come to your wedding, besides the family members. If you have gathered about 50 invitees, it is time to search for venues in Dubai, with the help of our Dubai wedding planner who can provide you with a list of private places, ready to impress with good taste and luxury besides romance and comfort. For instance, you can organize a wedding ceremony and the reception in a deluxe art gallery or a secret and romantic garden, for a certain amount of money.

A small wedding in Dubai can be organized down the beach, or on a private boat, where you can say the vows in the open air under a beautiful flower arch. The wedding reception can be organized in the same place, with table arrangements, amazing decorations, beautiful wedding theme, dance floor and delicious buffet. The wedding planners in Dubai can offer you a list of vendors, in order to start looking for the perfect venue, bakery, DJ or band, flower shop, wedding dress & shoe stores, and caterers. A small wedding in Dubai will also imply a scheduled timeline that contains the things you need to take care of, such as:
•    buying the dress;
•    selecting the photographer;
•    choosing the wedding cake;
•    meeting the vendors;
•    creating the menu;
•    sending the invitations;
•    scheduling some hair and make-up trials;
•    buying the wedding rings;
•    creating the wedding bouquet;
•    scheduling some spa sessions.

The benefits of a small wedding in Dubai

A small wedding in Dubai means having the best friends and the close family members beside you, in such an important and beautiful moment. Therefore, people know you, your taste and your style. This is how you can avoid the etiquette and many rules you won’t feel comfortable with. Our wedding event planners in Dubai can offer you some interesting recommendations:

•    create your own menu, even if pasta, crackers& cheese or tapas are involved;
•    make a buffet instead of classic courses;
•    serve a wedding cake made of cupcakes and stardust for a little sparkle and style;
•    create a wedding theme that represents you most, even if it’s related to your career;
•    wear a simple and classy wedding dress, with a messy bun or hair upon your shoulders;
•    create a candy bar full of M&Ms, mini Bounty, mini Snickers and Oreos if you feel like;
•    make your own playlist after you have asked all the friends what music they would love to listen;
•    create funny wedding gifts for your invitees, like small photo frames with you and them.

The advantage of a small wedding in Dubai is that you can still maintain the luxury and the good taste, with a settled budget of about AED 156,000 (approximately EUR 40,000). The timeline remains the same, as for a large wedding in Dubai, but you will encounter a little freedom and fewer rules or traditions you need to strictly stand for.

Our team of wedding event planners in Dubai is ready to offer you guidelines, recommendations, and excellent choices if you wish to have a small wedding in Dubai, so do not hesitate to contact us.