How to Plan a Wedding in 12 Months

Updated on Tuesday 18th October 2016

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Now that you are engaged, it is time to plan the wedding in Dubai and spread the good news. Our wedding event planner in Dubai is here to guide you in this delicate and exciting part of your life and can make all the necessary arrangements, in order for you to enjoy the best day of your life. As a friendly advice, don’t get overwhelmed because you can plan a wedding in 12 months, and below you will find out how.


9-12 months before the wedding in Dubai 

When preparing such major event, it is recommended to hire a wedding planner in Dubai because he can help you in every essential detail. 

Set the budget and create the wedding guests list

With 9 or 12 months before your wedding in Dubai, every couple should set a budget, taking into consideration if there will be a large event with about 200 or 250 guests or a private one, with about 50 invitees. The budget needs to contain aspects related to the perfect venue, wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, caterers, groom’s outfit, bachelorette party and bachelor party among many others. And if the family wishes to help in this matter then you should consider dreaming about the things you’ve always wanted for your wedding.

The next step is to create the guest list, where you should write down the main categories of invitees, such as family, close friends, acquaintances and work colleagues. It is true, this part might be difficult, and many changes will occur, but consider the people you wish to have by your side on your special day.

Start looking for a venue in Dubai

Dubai is among the special places where everybody wants to get married. Our wedding planners in Dubai can provide you a list of excellent venues and can arrange a meeting with the managers. And since we opened this subject, make sure to communicate your ideas regarding the wanted menus and ask the caterer if he can also create the special wedding cake you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t forget to write down all your ideas about the wedding theme for your venue in Dubai and send them via the email to the chosen contractor. And before you sign any contract, make sure to read the policies and understand the rules, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Set the date for your wedding in Dubai

Now that you and your future husband have chosen the wedding venue in Dubai, it is time to set the wedding date. With 12 months ahead, you will definitely find the perfect date for your wedding, and it will be great if it represents something important related to you and your loved one.

Plan the bachelor/bachelorette party

With 9 months before your Dubai wedding, you and your bridesmaids can start planning the bachelorette party. You just need to say if you want one, how you imagine it, and then let us arrange it for you.

Choose the photographer for your wedding in Dubai

On your wedding list, you should consider searching the photographer for your special event. You can start looking for portfolios and see what suits you most. The next step is to schedule some face to face meetings and talk about your love story. This way, the photographer will know how to plan the picture-perfect.

Search for the perfect wedding dress

You have plenty of time to look for your wedding dress and for the groom’s outfit. Every woman sees the dress made with laces, veil, silk and many other delicate fabrics. Make sure to try as many as you can, and then decide what fits you the best. And then go for the wedding shoes and jewelry.

6 months before the wedding in Dubai

Yes, the time passes by, and the wedding is soon to come. There are so many things to do, but relax, don’t worry and let our wedding event planner in Dubai to take care of the important things.

Select a band and a DJ 

The party is definitely important because you want to have fun and you wish to impress your guests. Start searching for some bands, go to auditions and enjoy the music. If you feel good and relate to a certain band, then listen to your heart and make the best decision. You can also tell the band’s manager a few details about you and what kind of music you might want for your wedding.

Create the wedding invitations

If you have planned the guests list, you might want to check it once again and see if everything is in order or if there are any changes to be made. The wedding invitation needs to show your personal touch and your brilliant ideas. As a tip, you can create chocolate wedding invitations and deliver them personally. This way you can impress your friends with a great sense of humor and imagination. The Dubai wedding planner can help you in this matter and can offer a list of contractors that can turn your dreams into reality.

Get some make-up trials

As we all know, this is a delicate step for every bride-to-be, which is why you should start looking for a make-up artist. What kind of make-up would I like to wear? Do I like smokey eyes or warm tones? What kind of make-up artist should I search for? These are important questions you should consider in this step. You can also look for some wedding make-ups on the internet, in order to make some ideas.

3 months before the wedding in Dubai 

Time is ticking and there are only three months before you say I DO for the entire life. Don’t panic, there are certain things you should consider, and the wedding event planner is here to guide you.

Sent the invitations

Everybody knows you are getting married, but make it official and send the invitations with three months before the big event. This way, your friends, and family have enough time to respond and to prepare for your special day. With one month before the wedding, it is recommended to get in touch with your invitees, in order to write down who’s coming and who is not.

Meet the vendors

To see if everything is as planned, you might want to meet or call your chosen contractors. The menus, the wedding cake, the venue, the photographer, the band and the DJ are important items you should check once again.

Check the wedding dress

If there are any adjustments to be made, then it is time to do so. The wedding dress needs to be perfect, just like you’ve always dreamed of it, therefore you should try it on, in order to see if you might like to add items or if it is necessary to make any modifications.

Prepare the outfit for your husband-to-be

People say it is not recommended for the future husband to see the wedding dress, but there are no restrictions if you want to see his wedding outfit. This is a special moment for couples, and you should definitely go shopping together. He won’t mind, and you’ll be happy if he likes your recommendations.

Have some spa moments 

Every bride wants to be impeccable for the special wedding day. That is why we recommend some beauty treatments before that. Some facials, hair treatments, and massages might be exactly what you need. And we all know that beauty salon moments are special and can relax you all the way. Try it, it is worth every penny!

Visit the venue

Our wedding event planner can schedule a meeting with the venues' manager in Dubai, in order to see if everything is as expected. As a recommendation, you should periodically speak to the manager and offer all the details and visions related to table arrangements or wedding décor.

Buy gifts

For a great impression, it is recommended to search for small tokens or wedding gifts for your invitees. You might say that gifts can be special memories of your special day. And for fun moments, you can add a photo cabin to your wedding and take instant photos. You just need to buy the frames, and this is how the wedding gift is made.

Planning a wedding in 12 months can be an easy task, and we invite you to get in touch with our wedding planners in Dubai if you need additional information and details.