How to Plan a Wedding in Six Months

Updated on Friday 14th October 2016

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Most future brides think that a wedding needs to be planned with more than a year ahead, but from our experience, we can say that even six months are enough to create the special event you’ve dreamed of. The wedding dress, the jewelries, the groom’s outfit, the wedding shoes and the contractors are the most important items that you need to take care of, so it is recommended to ask for guidance and assistance from our wedding event planner in Dubai.

Don’t get overwhelmed and focus on your wedding in Dubai

We know, the time does fly, but if you start making a list with the items you need to take care of your wedding Dubai, you will agree that you can prepare such event in only six months. And yes, you can consider it an adventure or, why not, a test. If you have settled the wedding date in Dubai, start creating the guests list, taking into consideration who can attend to your wedding besides your family, in such short notice. The next step is to create the wedding invitations according to your ideas and imagination. The wedding planner in Dubai will provide you a list of contractors who can definitely design what you think a wedding invitation should look like.

While searching for the perfect wedding dress in Dubai, the proper make-up artist or the wedding theme of your dreams, our team of wedding planners can plan the bachelorette party. Also, they can propose some special wedding venues in Dubai, in order for you and your partner to choose according to your budget. With four months ahead, you should choose your wedding photographer, the band, and the DJ. You might want to select the entire package and this way, the fun part is about to be arranged. 

With three months before your wedding in Dubai, you can contact the guests to see who will attend to your event. This way, you will know if you need to book some hotel rooms in Dubai, for overseas invitees. 

What you need to do with one month before your wedding in Dubai

The last month before your wedding in Dubai is significant and you should try to avoid stress in order to make the best decisions. First of all, visit the chosen venue in Dubai, check once again the menus and see if they respect your requirements. It is good to know that most venues also offer the possibility to purchase the wedding cake. Our Dubai wedding planner will schedule a meeting with the venues’ manager, in order to talk about the last details. With three weeks before your wedding in Dubai, you should also have some make-up trials, in order to have no surprises on your big day.

And for some relaxation time, you should have some spa sessions and some beauty treatments. If the bachelorette party is planned for the big week, make sure to get some proper sleep after that, because a tired bride will definitely not make a good impression. In the last week, you can check once again the wedding outfit and see if there are any adjustments to be made. And a call to your contractors will be a great idea.

If you need additional information about how to plan a wedding in six months or if you need wedding planning services, you are invited to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai