How to Plan a Wedding in Three Months

Updated on Wednesday 05th October 2016

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Planning a wedding in Dubai in only three months might seem quite challenging, but not impossible. If you have said YES and planned to get married in Dubai in three months, it is time to make the preparations and ask for help and recommendations from our wedding event planner in Dubai.

Things to do first when planning the wedding in Dubai

There are so many things to do and so little time, therefore, leave most of things to us. While searching for the perfect wedding dress, for the jewelries, for the wedding shoes, or for the impeccable make-up artist, our wedding event planners in Dubai can take care of your wedding venue, caterers or photographers. We recommend you to make a list and put things in order, because being overwhelmed by the short notice event, might cause you a little stress, Don’t forget to make the wedding guests list and verify which friends can attend to your wedding in Dubai. If there are overseas friends who want to come to your wedding, then you should reserve some hotel rooms in the city. Our wedding planners in Dubai can offer you details in this matter and can propose you a list of luxury hotels, in order to impress your guests with good taste and elegance.

What’s next on your list?

In three months you can definitely create a wedding in Dubai, taking into consideration our wedding planning services. As a recommendation, with one month before the wedding you should already purchase the wedding dress, make the final payments, plan the table arrangements and confirm appointments with your vendors. Meanwhile, you are invited to check the venue in Dubai, with our wedding event planner, and see if the menus will be designed as you wished.

Don’t forget to schedule some beauty treatments within two weeks before your special event in Dubai. And since we’ve opened this interesting chapter, make sure to have some make-up and hair trials. Try to properly communicate and express your visions and ideas about how these important things should be. And finally, one week before your wedding, bring your wedding dress at home, prepare and check once again your groom’s outfit, and get in touch with your contractors to see if everything is in right order.

With the help of our team of wedding planners in Dubai, you can definitely plan a wedding in three months, so do not hesitate to contact us.