How to Plan a Wedding on the Beach in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 11th April 2017

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How to Plan a Wedding on the Beach in Dubai Image
Thinking of wonderful memories to stand for a lifetime? Would you like to impress your guests with an outstanding ceremony on the beach, while admiring the beautiful Arabian Gulf? Our wedding event planner in Dubai is more than thrilled to help you plan a wedding on the beach in Dubai. We can take care of your utmost requests regarding the venues, caterers, music, decorations and many other items, while you are getting ready for your special moments at your exclusive wedding in Dubai.

Search for the proper venue or resort in Dubai

Dubai is an attractive destination for all tourists in search of something different, such as a beautiful wedding on the beach. This can be the most romantic moment of your life which we are going to manage with full attention to details. Numerous restaurants and venues in Dubai can offer you a dazzling beachfront setting for small or large weddings, given the number of your invitees. A terrace and a lawn can be decorated according to your visions and ideas, our team providing you a list of possible suppliers to consider for your wedding in Dubai. Make sure to ask if the resort also offers in the same package the music band, the wedding cake or the aisle decoration for your vows.

The entire event will pretty much depend on your good taste, style, and imagination, so make sure to communicate with the manager of the venue and solicit complete details whether a change has been made on your requests. The guarantee of a magical romantic mood that comes with your gorgeous wedding on the beach in Dubai is our mission, from the beginning until the last cheers of glasses. We remind that our wedding planners in Dubai are pleased to offer recommendations and assistance when choosing the wedding venue down the beach in Dubai.

Tailored services for your beach wedding in Dubai 

The communication is important to us. Knowing your dreams and aspirations about a wedding on the beach will help us ease the planning of your exquisite event. Regarding the culinary aspects, the venues in Dubai may offer you details about the menus, and if you wish to add the gastronomy of your home country or items from international cuisines, it is best to describe your ideas in this matter. As for recommendations, the restaurants in Dubai have top chefs who can prepare excellent French or Italian menus on request. Usually, the Mediterranean cuisine is preferred at such imposing events, due to the delicacies of seafood properly combined with soft cheeses, grilled vegetable, and sophisticated wines to complete the beach menu.

Having trouble finding the perfect photographer or music band? Make a request in this matter and pop up some questions to your venue manager because there are special packages which contain additional items or features on request. We remind that any desire you might have, your wish will be our command because a wedding in Dubai will signify that unique moment you’ve waited for a lifetime.

Decorations for beach weddings in Dubai

The aisle or the road to happiness can be paved with good intentions and also with orchids, stardust, and veil from a corner to another. Special amenities and luxurious items like a floral arch, special table arrangements or rooms for your overseas guests can be arranged in time, on request. Planning a wedding in Dubai can be part of gorgeous moments if you ask for guidelines and suggestions from our experienced team.

As always, we kindly invite you to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai if you dream of a perfect beach wedding in a tremendous city like Dubai.