How to Prepare a Candy Buffet for Your Wedding

Updated on Wednesday 14th December 2016

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How to Prepare a Candy Buffet for Your Wedding Image
A candy buffet is a sweet memory of your wedding in Dubai. This delicious buffet can match your wedding theme and décor if every detail is mentioned to the caterer. Our wedding event planner in Dubai can assist you while choosing the candy buffet and can also offer you a list of providers or caterers who can set up a beautiful candy buffet for your special event.


Rose-gold candy buffet for your wedding in Dubai

The trends are setting alarms and give many ideas for a wedding and also for a special candy buffet.  A stylish candy buffet can be created with rose-gold items such as:

•    a golden garland with pink roses made of silk and a touch of glitter;
•    a table full of golden plates to serve the sweet delights;
•    pink candies, marshmallows, chocolate almonds in golden foil;
•    three or four vases with swirl lollipops, made in the same colors as the décor;
•    about six wide bowls with packed caramels;
•    add rose-gold cupcakes from place to place.

You can also add a chocolate fountain to your candy buffet if you wish to impress every invitee. As we all know, you can never go wrong with chocolate, especially if you have ordered Swiss chocolate. Our wedding planner in Dubai may offer you recommendations and guidelines when preparing a rose-gold candy buffet for your wedding in Dubai.

Royal-blue candy buffet for your wedding in Dubai

Blue is a daring color, which offers calm and peace, no matter if it’s a dress, a curtain or a candy buffet, for example. This can be a beautiful and a special spot for your wedding in Dubai, therefore, you can add whatever you wish, but considering to match the blue color with pearl white, in order to add a touch of elegance and style. A royal-blue candy buffet can be created with:

•    glass jars decorated with blue ribbons and full of pearly small candies;
•    trays of cupcakes in royal blue foil; you can decorate the trays with wrapping paper;
•    large low bowls with chocolate nuts;
•    long glasses full of colored candies in layers;
•    comestible blue flowers from place to place;
•    some vases with swirl lollipops;
•    blue and white jelly beans;

As a recommendation, you should communicate the number of invitees, in order to arrange the candy buffet with a certain amount of sweets for each of them. 

Tips for a perfect candy buffet

The candy buffet for your wedding in Dubai can be placed right next to the party area. Make sure to match the tablecloth with the décor and the centerpiece. And speaking of the centerpiece, this is the main item of your candy buffet that everyone will see, therefore it needs to match the wedding theme. It has to be higher, fabulous and made with porcelain plates full of sweets. Glitter is  also recommended, you can use it without constraints. And for the final touch, you can and some small frames with pictures of you. This can also be considered as wedding gifts for your invitees.

Our team of wedding event planners in Dubai has many ideas and recommendation, so please feel free to contact us.