How to Set the Date of Your Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Monday 28th November 2016

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How to Set the Date of Your Wedding in Dubai Image
Choosing the wedding date is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make in life, and it is for sure a special moment for the bride and the groom. If you plan a wedding in Dubai, it is recommended to consider a few aspects, in order to choose the perfect day for a special event like this. Our wedding event planner in Dubai can make your choice easy, with proper guidelines and tips for you to book the best wedding date.

Choose the day for your special wedding in Dubai

If you have said the big YES and told friends and family the good news, everyone is going to ask you when. This is a special moment for every bride and groom and the first step when planning the wedding in Dubai. There are some rules you need to consider or to think of, if you have decided to set the date of your wedding, such as:

•    select a proper season and avoid the summer, due to high degrees;
•    consider the date when you first met;
•    choose a fall wedding date, when the temperature is excellent;
•    select a date in December, January or March, when prices are a little bit low;
•    consider any religious date, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

People usually try to set the date they’ve met for a wedding day, due to the feelings and the emotions implied. Therefore, if the date is in September, October or November, the weather will be excellent, with normal temperatures for a wedding in Dubai. You can also choose to plan a wedding on the beach, or you can select a fall wedding theme if you like the idea. The wedding planner in Dubai can explain everything you need to know about the proper seasons for a wedding in the city and can also offer you a list of contractors.

Tips for a perfect wedding date in Dubai

The special holidays are usually spent with family and friends, but there are many people who choose the Christmas day as the perfect date for a wedding in Dubai. This is a crowded time of the year and the venue prices might differ a little. You can still plan a wedding in Dubai, but it is recommended to add extra money to your budget and verify if your friends are available to attend the special event.

A wedding can be planned with about 12 or 14 months in advance, so start visiting some venues and book one if it fulfills your visions and ideas. Every season in Dubai has its uniqueness, and many people are tempted to set the first date that comes in mind. Things are a little bit different so it is recommended to check the weather first, to avoid busy times and to gather the friends and family you want in a suitable and great day for everyone.

Our wedding planners are more than ready to guide you on this matter, and can also offer you excellent wedding planning services in Dubai, so please feel free to contact us.