How to Choose the Perfect Make-up for the Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 25th August 2016

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How to Choose the Perfect Make-up for the Wedding in Dubai Image
The dress is ready, the jewelries are matching also and the hair will look amazing. Now it’s time to choose the perfect make-up for your wedding in Dubai.
In this stage, our wedding planners in Dubai will help you make the proper choice, in order to impress with style and elegance at your exclusive ceremony in the city.

First of all, choose the make-up artist

If you have a friend who looked wonderful on her wedding day you should ask her for the make-up artist’s mobile phone and already make an appointment. As we all know, personal recommendations are always a proper choice. If you like the natural pretty make-up, you should not take into consideration a make-up artist with a portfolio full of dark smokey eyes and perky lips. 

As a recommendation from our wedding event planner in Dubai, you should arrange a test as soon as you find a make-up artist. Make sure you take lots of magazines pictures, with looks that you love or dream of, in order to show the options of your future wedding make-up.

Gorgeous eyes for a beautiful wedding in Dubai

Waterproof mascara is not the only waterproof choice for your eye make-up. You should know that there are waterproof eyeliners (gel, liquid, and pencil), specific eyeshadow primers, eyeshadow paints or bases which are all helpful and your make-up won’t move. Just try to keep your eyeshadow colors light, fresh and simple and don’t apply eyeliner under the eye.

The proper lipstick for you wedding in Dubai

Just like the foundation, you should try many distinct colors and tones, as a lipstick can look absolutely different on the lips. As a recommendation from our wedding planner in Dubai, you can choose a shade which combines with your blush. If your blush is more of a coral tone, you can pick a coral lipstick. It is available for pink tones also. 

If you choose a strong lip color, you need to remember that against a light colored wedding gown, it will look livelier and more noticeable. In this case, you should keep the eyes smoother and more natural.

Important make-up tips for your wedding in Dubai

Our wedding event planners in Dubai can help you choose the proper make-up artist for your big ceremony, taking into consideration your ideas and also your style. If you plan a DIY make-up, here is a short list of important make-up tips, in order to avoid any mistakes.

1.  You can use individual eyelashes for a gorgeous and natural look, far more delicate than using a full strip. There are different sizes and they can be arranged between the natural lashes, rather than setting them on top.

2. Don’t forget to wear a white t-shirt if you are having a make-up test at home! This way you will see how the make-up looks against a light color. And yes, you can take a picture of yourself in day light to see how it looks before you buy any additional make-up products.

3. It is recommended to concentrate on the most significant features of your look, like a charmingly natural looking skin, delicately prepared brows and plumy lashes.

4. Don’t forget to complete your wedding make-up with a highlighter shade for eyes that will really burst. Choose a light non-glossy shade for a beautiful and fresh look.

You can contact our wedding planners in Dubai, if you need extra information about how to choose the perfect make up for your wedding in Dubai, or if you want wedding planning services in Dubai.