Koosha Arrangement for your Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 31st August 2016

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Koosha Arrangement for your Wedding in Dubai Image
A glamorous wedding in Dubai can be created with many Arabic decorations. You can impress your ceremony guests with extraordinary koosha arrangements and we recommend you to explore all the possibilities, in order to choose what represents you the most. A koosha arrangement is an Arabic decor, made with lots of beautiful flowers and has a tradition of more than 1000 years. Our wedding planners in Dubai are more than ready to help you with details, ideas and visions about the perfect koosha decor for you wedding. We have already made a list of koosha decorations, with suitable options for your exclusive wedding in Dubai.

Why choose koosha arrangements for your wedding in Dubai

Besides being in trend nowadays, koosha decor will basically transform your entire wedding adornment, from simple to exquisite, from classic to deluxe. Having koosha layouts at your wedding in Dubai will impress your invitees and will offer the romantic and the attractive look you’ve always dreamed of.

For a great wedding you can count on our wedding planning services in Dubai, so don’t forget to tell us your story, your dreams or your ideas about the one and only ceremony. It is recommended to choose the wedding theme, the venue and the wedding outfit, in order to match perfectly with the koosha arrangements. If you choose blue, ice cold, pink delight or yellow summer, we will make sure that the koosha decor will relish your invitees and will make you happy.

Koosha suggestions for your wedding in Dubai

The pink cherish delight koosha arrangement will definitely match your taste and style and can be created with silk cherry flowers, natural pink roses and peonies. This beautiful floral arrangement will entirely change your ballroom decor, starting with the chairs, tables and finishing with the grooms' head table. For a romantic touch you can add a beautiful flower arch at your head table, with a pink ornamented crystal chandelier.

Ice cold koosha arrangement is suitable for a white wedding theme and can be created with delicate lilies, astonishing magnolias and beautiful white freesias. You can choose to have unique centerpieces, if you add some crystals and some silver accessories to these beautiful flowers. For an exquisite wedding decoration, our wedding event planners in Dubai can recommend flower arcades at the entrance of your ballroom, in order to welcome your guests in a special and unique way.

The yellow summer koosha arrangement is a great decoration made with yellow roses, tulips, daisies and orchids. Make sure to match this delicate arrangement with your tables and chairs by choosing silk fabrics, yellow plates and golden tableware. This amazing koosha arrangement includes also a beautiful arcade placed in front of your head table. It can be decorated with silk yellow draperies on both sides and some golden wires hanging from top.

The blue koosha arrangement can be created with irises, hydrangea, morning glories and forgot-me-not flowers. These special plants can be combined with silver accessories, silk fabrics and ice angels. The ballroom’s dance floor can be enclosed with impressive floral arches from one side to another and you can add some sparkle with beautiful crystals attached to the curtains.

We will gladly offer you many other details about koosha arrangements for your wedding in Dubai, so please feel free to contact our Dubai wedding planner.