Plan a Vintage Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Saturday 04th February 2017

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Couples who wish to prepare a special wedding can choose to organize a vintage wedding in Dubai. The ‘20s, the ‘40s or the ‘50s are great years, with beautiful fashion, elegant ladies, and extravagant gentlemen.  The particular features recorded in those times can be properly combined with nowadays trends. Our wedding event planner in Dubai is more than happy to offer you excellent recommendations when planning a vintage wedding in Dubai.

Choose a venue in Dubai and make it vintage

There are so many things to consider when deciding you wish to have a vintage wedding in Dubai, and special attention needs to be provided. First of all, you should search for a venue in Dubai and schedule a meeting with the manager, to express your wishes and to get started with the preparation. A vintage décor, with superb tables, glittery dance floor and flower decorations that remind of the ‘20s, for instance, can be prepared according to your visions and ideas. There are so many websites from which you can inspire in this matter.

A table arrangement can contain beautifully sculpted cherry wood, decorated with cream-colored silk and lace materials. The centerpiece can be created with delicate freesias and white roses. The welcoming entrance may embrace the same vintage style, in the same colors, with a beautiful golden crystal chandelier and delicate cherry woods accents on the walls.

Choose the vintage wedding dress in Dubai

As we all know, the ladies are enchanted by such special event, especially if they choose a vintage wedding in Dubai. The extravagant occasion requires a special dress code, which can also be mentioned on the invitation cards for your guests. As for the beautiful wedding dress, you can search for designers who deal only with such beautiful outfits, where elegance and style are mandatory. A wonderful lace on the shoulders, which can beautifully flow on the dress can perfectly match with a natural make-up where the red lipstick is impetuous, just like the wavy hair with a delicate tiara made of crystals and white gold. The flower bouquet needs to mix with the exquisite wedding dress and it is recommended to contain white orchids and crystal inserts between them.

As a reminder, our wedding planners in Dubai can offer you a list of designers and superb venues to choose from, if you want a vintage wedding in Dubai.

Would you like a Great Gatsby wedding theme in Dubai?

With a simple search on Google, you can see how people enjoyed a vintage wedding with a special theme: The Great Gatsby. A great book from 1925 signed by Scott Fitzgerald and a movie created by director Baz Luhrmann are now the main sources of inspiration for vintage weddings in Dubai and all over the world.

The Oscar-winning special costumes from the movie can be recreated for all your invitees if you have a special budget and you want to see everything in perfect order until the last detail. There are special firms from which you can rent such outfits and can also help you with the ballroom decoration, just like in the movie. With elegant dresses mixed with fine jewelry and outstanding makeup, your bridesmaids can perfectly fin into the décor. As for the gentlemen, they will make an excellent decision if they will choose white outfits with grey shirts and golden ties or bow ties.

You are invited to contact our team of wedding event planners in Dubai, if you wish to plan a vintage wedding in Dubai, or if you need our wedding planning services.