10 Recommendations for Finding the Proper Wedding Shoes

Updated on Thursday 25th August 2016

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10 Recommendations for Finding the Proper Wedding Shoes Image
Wedding planning in Dubai is an amazing moment and the future bride is more than happy to start searching for her wedding dress and shoes. If you choose a pair of wedding shoes that’s uncomfortable, unattractive, or quite painful, you’ll be sorry you bought them.
But, if you take into consideration our wedding event planner’s recommendations you’ll keep your feet more than happy, highlight your style, and you’ll be able to dance the entire night.

1. Choose a special pair of wedding shoes

Our wedding planner in Dubai recommends you to select the shoes that make you feel great from the moment you try them on. Even if the wedding dress is floor length, giving your invitees the occasional looksee of an attractive pair of shoes will make you feel like a real princess on your big ceremony.

Wedding shoes don’t have to be boring and as a recommendation from our wedding event planners you can combine classic style with fashionable details and you will love them for years and also wear them from time to time, on special occasions.

2. Get them worn around the house

You should not wear your shoes for the first time on your wedding day in Dubai. As an advice, you should wear them around the house a few times before the big ceremony. It is necessary to get them worn a little before the wedding, so they can loosen a bit.


3. Think twice if you want high heels

It’s easy to fall in love with a pair of tall heels, but you need to remember that you are going to walk down the aisle in them, stand for photographs in them, dance in them and walk around all day long. Trembling around on heels that are way too high for you isn’t going to look nice and you don’t want to catch a high prickly heel in your wedding dress either.

4. Don’t forget to take some measurements

Our wedding event planner in Dubai recommends you to know the exact height of your shoes for your final fitting. The dressmaker will then adjust your wedding dress consequently. You should be wearing your wedding shoes at this fitting. When you buy them, you should check how long it will take for them to be provided, so you don’t have any last minute fears.

5. Match the shoes with the wedding theme

As a recommendation from our wedding planners, you should think about the type of wedding you’re having and the theme you will create. For example, if you are having a country garden wedding where you will spend a lot of time outdoors, then flats or wedges would be a proper option. Also, you can wear heel protectors.

6. Don’t skip the pedicure

A pedicure is necessary no matter the occasion. So feel free to choose a beauty salon or make your pedicure at home. A pedicure is not only a luxury every bride deserves for her wedding day, but a must if she’s going barefoot, wearing peep-toe heels, wearing sandals, or even if she’s wearing closed-toe.

7. Get an extra pair of shoes

As we know, stuff happens: heels can break, your shoes can make your feet hurt, or you may want heels for wedding photos and sandals for the evening party. Our wedding event planner in Dubai recommends you to get a spare pair of shoes just in case.

8. Match the shoes with the wedding dress

As a recommendation, you can take a swatch of your dress material with you when you start looking for wedding shoes. This way, you will be sure that it matches up and the color won’t be different. 

9. Statement wedding shoes

If you are wearing a very traditional wedding dress, the wedding planner recommends you to make a statement with your shoes. You don’t have to wear ivory or white and you could make a visual splash with scarlet heels, or any color you might like.

10. Wedding shoes for wet weather

Although there aren’t many chances of rain on your wedding in Dubai, you should always have a backup plan. Therefore, take into consideration a pair of fancy boots, so that you can walk through the rain and puddles without sprinkle your wedding shoes.

Please feel free to contact our wedding planners in Dubai for any other information about the wedding shoes or for wedding event planning in the city.