Reserve Rooms for Your Guests at the Wedding

Updated on Saturday 17th September 2016

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If you are planning a wedding in Dubai and have many invitees from overseas you should consider making some hotel reservations in the city. There are many suitable options and it is recommended to book in time the reservations for friends, family members or special guests who wish to attend to your beautiful and special wedding reception. Our wedding event planners in Dubai are here to guide you on this important step, so make sure to communicate any details or ideas you might have when searching for hotel rooms.

How do I reserve a block of hotel rooms in Dubai?

Whether you are having guests from foreign countries or from out of town who wish to enjoy your wedding in Dubai it is recommended to offer exclusive accommodations and special treats. This is an important step when preparing the wedding and you should take care of this matter months before your special ceremony in Dubai. If your wedding guests list contains acquaintances or close friends from places outside Dubai, there are a few important rules to consider before making the reservation. First of all, you should contact them in order to find out if they are willing to attend to you special wedding day in Dubai. The next step is to search for hotels in the city, and here our Dubai wedding planner can offer a list of accommodations available on your wedding day. Details like special hotel facilities, payments or the available options should be properly analyzed before you make the hotel reservations. Having a settled budget for your wedding in Dubai will ease this process and you can start searching for the best options, in order to please your guests and make a great impression among friends and families.

Many hotels will ask for a pre-payment, and for example, if you are asking for a minimum of ten rooms to book, take into consideration that the hotel may ask for a 20% advance. All the necessary information regarding how to reserve rooms for guests at your wedding in Dubai can be received from our wedding planner in the city, so make sure to communicate and explain how you would like to welcome your friends.

Details you should consider when booking the hotel rooms

Every couple wants to offer excellent conditions and great moments for friends and family members who wish to come to their wedding in Dubai. If you want to impress them, you can also book some spa sessions at the hotel before the big event or right after. Many luxurious hotels in Dubai offer exclusive meals and outstanding amenities, so it should be quite easy to amaze everyone with your good taste and attention to details.

As a recommendation, try to also have a backup plan, and make sure to book extra two rooms, in case you are having special surprises from unexpected friends overseas. If the wedding will take place at an exclusive resort in Dubai, you should definitely choose to book the rooms there, in order to offer the possibility for your invitees to have a proper rest right after the ceremony in Dubai, without having to walk miles to the hotel rooms.

We invite you to contact our Dubai wedding planners, if you need extra information about how to reserve rooms for your guests in Dubai, or if you need wedding planning services.