Send Save-the-Date Cards to Your Guests at the Wedding

Updated on Wednesday 21st September 2016

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Send Save-the-Date Cards to Your Guests at the Wedding Image
The save-the-date cards are the wedding pre-invitations, and are normally sent if you are planning a wedding during summer holidays or when people usually travel a lot. You don’t have to write down the entire story, but it is necessary to add the date and the location and to announce you friends and family, in order to have plenty of time to save some money and to schedule the big event. Our wedding event planners in Dubai have many recommendations, if you plan to send the save-the-date cards for your guests, and can also provide you with information and guidance when planning the wedding in Dubai.

Why send save-the-date-cards to you wedding invitees in Dubai?

Most of future brides say that save-the-date cards are essential, just like the wedding invitations because you can write down, in a smart and funny approach, the information needed regarding your Dubai wedding. This way, the guests will know many details about your major event, in what city you have planned the occasion and what kind of wedding theme you have chosen. If you wish to avoid 200 people asking the same question regarding the venue and the date, you should definitely choose to send save-the-date cards

Tips when you create the save-the-date cards for your wedding in Dubai

If you wish to send the save-the-date cards, you should consider spreading the news six months before the wedding ceremony in Dubai. This is an unwritten rule, but with major significance, if you wish to prepare in time your future invitees. Don’t send them way too early, because the friends might put the cards away, and don’t send them too late because the cards might be confused with the wedding invitations.

If you are asking if the save-the-date cards need to be sent to everyone, the answer is no. Try to check once again the wedding guests list and select the parents, the family members and your closest friends, in order to send the save-the-date cards. Usually, this kind of invitation can be delivered via the email, if you have prepared all the addresses, but you can also use the postal office. It is true, you can DYI the save-the-date cards, if you have some Photoshop skills and a lot of imagination, or you can ask your wedding event planner in Dubai, to offer you a list of graphic designers who can create unique cards, according to your ideas and thoughts. 

We are more than pleased to offer our wedding planning services in Dubai, including details about the save-the-date cards for your wedding guests, so please feel free to contact our team.