Table Setup for Wedding in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 26th September 2017

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Square, round, family style or banquet, they are all great table setups for every wedding in DubaiWhen preparing the table setup for your ceremony, it is necessary to ask for help and guidance from our wedding event planner in Dubai, in order to have an amazing arrangement and no unwanted surprises. Whether you’re going for an intimate setting or an extravagant affair, reception seating has the capacity to change your wedding ceremony into a stylish event.

Setting up the wedding ceremony tables

If you want to have a great table setup at your ceremony, you should talk to our wedding planners in Dubai about your visions and ideas. We have gathered some useful tips for you:

•    the bride & groom normally sit in the middle of the head table, alongside with the groomsmen and close family members;
•   if there are invitees who just cannot be civil with each other, but you have to invite them, make sure to allocate them seats far away from each other;
•    the parents and the grooms normally sit at the same table, where a special setup must be considered.

Types of table setup for your wedding in Dubai

It is now trendy to choose a family-style seating, as outside or tented ceremonies are a bit outdated. With the help of our team, couples can choose to combine both large rectangular tables as well as rows of longer ones. If you want to stay on the more conventional path, round and square table setup would be the proper choice for your big event. Having round tables at your wedding in Dubai doesn’t automatically mean 8 or 10 people at a table and you can always select a more private round and smaller tables. The reception seating for your wedding can be as exclusive as you want it to be and, if your location has special conditions, make sure to add this issue to the list of questions for the Dubai wedding planners.

The grooms’ table setup for wedding in Dubai

The layout for the grooms’ table setup should be unique and planned carefully, as it is the centerpiece of the ballroom every guest will admire. In this case, a square table can be suggested because it will host the bride, the groom and the parents of both newlyweds. A silk rose tablecloth with silver insertions, frozen-like white candles sprinkled with stardust and a romantic bouquet of white roses can transform a simple table setup into a marvelous one where all eyes will be staring at. Your source of inspiration can be the internet, as there are many websites you can verify and see how others have chosen the main wedding table setup for the grooms. We remind that our wedding event planners in Dubai are attentive to any requests, visions, ideas or plans you might have and will propose a number of suppliers or providers who can take care of your special desires regarding the table setup for your wedding in Dubai.

Stick to the classic items and add a touch of sparkles 

A traditional or a modern wedding in Dubai in many cases is prepared considering the classic items and details everyone knows and appreciate. If you have decided for a unique way of impressing the invitees, but you also want to adopt the classic details, let us give you some ideas. For example, the table setup for your guests at the Dubai wedding, with flower centerpieces and porcelain plates, can be highlighted with a special menu created with silver or golden frames. The menu can be written with Lucida Handwriting silver fonts, as a suggestion. Whatever crosses your mind when preparing the table setup in a classic way, don’t forget that a touch of uniqueness and eccentricity will always blend with the chosen traditional items.

In our video below, you can watch complete information about the table setup for a wedding in Dubai

Our team of wedding event planners in Dubai can help you with recommendations and information about how to make the table setup for your wedding in Dubai, so please feel free to contact us.